Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (31)

Autumn said,her Public Defender,was about 5’9”,curly short red hair,lean with black rim glasses.Hello Mrs. Teckly, my name is Berton Goldwin. I’m going to be your public defender.
He takes his glasses off,and looks at a paper in front of him.
Berton says,”I see you have been charged with, 2 counts of attempted murder here.
Did you try to murder your husband,and Mrs. Mather’s?
“Who!” “Mrs. Mather’s?” “You mean Justin Mather’s,wife?”
“Yes,I believe your right.”Says Berton
“Then she is Jock’s,bosses wife. They both have a frickin nerve.I should of killed them both.”
“Mrs. Teckly,you can’t talk like that. Your already being charged on 2 counts of attempted murder.”
“Mr. Goldwin,”Who gives a shit! Further more, my name is Autumn.”
“Okay Autumn,you have to watch what you say,from now on. That’s if,” you want to go back to your daughter,and not jail.”
“I’m not worried about seeing my daughter again. Tamara has a good home with my sister Faith and her husband Ben.Right now it’s better for her,instead of roaming around with me. I have no job,no place to live,and no money. The answer to your question is,at the time……………the last thing I remember. Was my husband in bed naked with another woman, she also was,bare ass. I guess,I must have flipped out.Their was a police officer,who was hand cuffing me. The cop told me,that,I was being charged,on 2 counts of attempted murder.”
“Well, Mrs. Teckly,I mean Autumn,I’m going to try to make a deal, with the prosecutor. If you plead guilty to attempted murder,reason for temporary insanity. You might get off easier.”
“Do want you have to do Mr. Goldwin,I just want to get the hell out of here.”
Autumn said,then the guard takes her back to the cell.


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