Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (29)

Autumn said, she was really up shit creek. She just had the little money left in her purse.
I have to call Jack,and tell him that I’m closing and cleaning the store up. But I don’t have the rent money to pay for this month.
When autumn called Jack,he was nice about it.
He told her,”being your going to clean the store up,forget the rent money. You need to get back on your feet.”
Autumn said,she thanked Jack, did what she had to do in the store,but hated to leave.She thought,(Where am I going to?)

Autumn told me,she didn’t want to come back to my house yet. “Besides Tamara,was already upset when she left”,she said.
Therefore Autumn sat in her car for a long time. She thought,”I could go over Frieda’s house,but I didn’t want to be a burden. I don’t want to go back to the house either.Jock might be their and I definitely don’t want to see him.But she said, “she had to go somewhere”.
Autumn decided to go back to her house,when she got their . There was a silver sports car parked out front. There weren’t any lights on in the house. Maybe Jock went out,with a friend,and the friend left his vehicle here.
Autumn said,she wasn’t going to just stand out front. She found her house keys in her purse,and let herself in. When she turned on the switch in the living room. Everything looked the same. As she was walking toward the kitchen,she heard some one laughing.
Autumn said that stopped her in her tracks. She said,she got a knife out of the utensil drawer. Then she just stood their,and heard two voices coming from upstairs.
Autumn said,she then slowing walked up the steps. When she got to the top,she noticed the laughter was coming from the master bedroom.
When she opened the door,and turned the light on.
She seen Jock in the bed,with no clothes on,with a nude woman. I don’t know what happened after that.
All I remember is, a police officer hand cuffing me.
He told me I was arrested on two charges, of attempted murder.All I can remember is opening the door, I must have lost it.


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