Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (27)

The next morning Autumn was up bright and early.
She walked into the bathroom to take a shower. She noticed the pretty floral shower curtains,and the pearly white tile floor. With lime green throw rugs.
Autumn thought,I didn’t notice all this last night. My mind must have been on vacation.
Autumn showered and put on her brown dress slacks,and white sweater.
Then she put on her brown socks and brown shoes.
Just as she was leaving the bathroom,she heard Tamara calling her.
I went into the bedroom,hugged her and gave her a kiss. I told her I loved her.
Tamara said, “I love you too Mommy!”

“Get washed up and dressed,and I’ll meet you downstairs.”

When Tamara came down stairs,Autumn told her that she had business to take care of.
Aunt Faith will take care of you until,I get back.
After autumn made Tamara some breakfast, Autumn just had a cup of coffee.While they were eating their breakfast,I came down the steps in my p.j’s. I had a cup of coffee with Autumn. Autumn told me,she already had a talk with Tamara,and told her she was staying with her for a while.

After breakfast,Autumn gave Tamara a kiss. She said good-by to us both,and picked her suitcase up. Autumn went out to her blue SUV. Put her suitcase in the back.
She pull out of driveway,and waved good-by. Off she was to North Carolina,it looked like it was going to be a nice day.
As Autumn was driving back to North Carolina,it was quite without Tamara.

So she put on the radio,and listened to the country music,while she was driving. This seemed to relax her, that, and looking out at the beautiful scenery.The sun was shinning on the different trees,and the wildflowers.

Autumn was going to stop and get something to eat,when she got closer. But she said,she decided to wait until she got there.


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