Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (26)

After Autumn got off the phone with Jock.Autumn told me about the call from Jock.
I asked her, “Why she would be going back to North Carolina after that call?”
“I don’t know why!
“I really can’t face anybody,that I know,from their. But I do know,I can’t leave my business sit idle,either. I’ll be going back tomorrow morning,after Tamara is settled.”
“That’s your choice Autumn,I’ll take good care of Tamara for you.”
Autumn hugged me,and said with tears in her eyes,I know sis,I know.”
As I was making a cup of tea for both of us. We heard a car pull in,in front of the house.I said,”I bet that is Ben.” I looked out the window,and it was Ben getting out of green SUV. Ben came up to the door,and I opened it. He said,”Hello Honey”,and gave me a kiss. When he walked in the door Ben seen Autumn sitting at the kitchen table. “Well hello stranger”,and gave Autumn a kiss on the cheek.’”I’m sure Faith told you that,you and your daughter are welcome to stay as long as you want.”
“Thanks Ben,I’m going back tomorrow morning,to try to straighten some things out. Tamara is going to stay here,until I can pick her back up.”
“I’m sorry you can’t stay a little longer,” Ben said.
“Me too!” “But I’ll come back as soon as I can.”
“Faith,” Autumn said, “I think I’m going up stairs now,and try to get some sleep.”
“Alright,see you in the morning.”
When Autumn was upstairs in her room,I heard her close the door.
“Ben I said,it’s a damn shame what Autumn has been through. First her own dad,throws her on the street. Then her husband Jake died,she is left with Tamara by herself to raise. She then finds a second-man of her dreams.They get married,she thinks everything is going to be a happy ending. Out of the blue,she finds out the love of her life is a real ass-hole.”
“I know,Ben tells me,it’s a shame.”


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