Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (25)

“So what is going on,Autumn?”
“Faith,I’m really to embarrassed,to tell you.
“Whatever it is,you should get it out of your system.” I sighed
“Well!” “Here it goes!”
“Jock was acting very strangely,not long after the holidays. I didn’t know what to think. He was staying out late,he said he was with friends. I feared that he fell out of love with me. Maybe he found another love. All kinds of crazy things were in my head. This went on for a couple of months,such crazy thoughts. Then one Saturday night,he went out by himself. He said that,he needed to be alone,to think. Later that night,he came home drunk,which he never done before. That was when I found out what was bothering him.Jock told me,he didn’t know how to say this. But we are stone broke…..He gambled all of our money away,savings and all.Good thing,I had some money in a separate account for my business. I closed that account this morning. Other wise I would be stone broke now.I have to go back to North Carolina,and try to sell all of my inventory. In the meantime, can I leave Tamara here,until I get things settled at my store?
“Of course Autumn, I’ll be glad to help. Take care of what you have to do. She is safe with me.”
“Autumn had tears in her eyes,she gave me a big hug.
Autumn sighed, “I’ll leave five hundred dollars with you. Keep two hundred,for yourself,and the rest for Tamara,for things she might need.”
I told Autumn,”Thanks,but I don’t need any money.Keep it for yourself.”
“Well if you don’t want the money,just hold on to it.”

“I’ll be going back,to North Carolina tomorrow morning, sadly Autumn said.

Back in North Carolina,Jock walked into the house. He seen the note right away,that Autumn,had written him. Jock called Autumns cell phone,she answered it on the second ring.
“Jock why are you calling me,after you rocked our world?”
Jock said,”Autumn,I know I was stupid ,but I love you.”
“Jock if you loved me and Tamara,you wouldn’t of done this to us.”
“I’m sorry Autumn,I’m just plain stupid. The sheriff is coming next week to lock down the house.The utilities,will be shut off soon.I don’t know what to do.”
“Don’t ask me,I’m finished with you. I’m going to take care of shutting my business down.The next time I talk to you,if I do. It’ll be about our divorce,Autumn than clicks the phone off.


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