Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (23)

Autumn said she gave the teller,her business account number. She told her,that she wanted to close the account. Which had about nine hundred dollars in it.After Autumn left the bank,she went straight to her business,and hung a sign up,on the door. The sign read,”Closing Business,due to personal concerns.”
Autumn said, she hated to do this,but she didn’t want to stay here. When personal things did happen,as Josh stated.
Autumn called me and asked if Tamara could stay with me,for a while. Things weren’t going to good there. Autumn said,she would explain,when she got their. I told her, of-course you are both welcome here anytime. “Isn’t Jock coming?”, I asked.
“No he is not,he will be staying here”.

Autumn said,after she talked to me. She went into Tamara’s room,and tried to pack everything she could. That was important to Tamara,her clothes,her dolls,and all the things she thought was important to Tamara.
Autumn gathered her things next,she hated to leave a lot of personal things. She made sure she gathered,her jewelry that Jake and Jock brought for her. Autumn didn’t want Jock to sell them for his debt.After she loaded every thing in her SUV. Autumn said,she went back into the house,and wrote Jock a letter.

I’ve packed all my things and Tamara’s. I’m going to my sister Faith’s house. Until you straighten everything out. If not,I’ll be filing for divorce,it’s you choice.

Autumn said she picked Tamara up from school.She told her they were going on a vacation,at aunt Faiths house. Autumn said,she didn’t like to lie to her,but didn’t know what else to say to her. Anyway, Tamara was happy,but she ask where Jock was at.I told her he didn’t want to go.


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