Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (21)

They all wrote back and said they couldn’t afford to visit for the holidays. But they would probably visit,when they went on vacation in the summer.

That made Autumn sad,she wrote back and told them,she would send them money,so they could come for the holidays.The family wouldn’t hear of it. They would come,when they had the extra money.

Tamara,Autumn and Josh,shared a great holiday together. Josh said it was a shame,the family didn’t come to visit. After the holiday,they received thank you letters,from the entire family. For all the nice gifts,they received. They said,when summertime comes. Somehow they will make up for all the kindness.

As the new year came in, Autumn said,things started to change around here for some reason. Josh wasn’t coming home,right after work. He said,he either had to work late. Sometimes he said, he just went out with the guys from work, as a night out. She didn’t buy it! If it’s the last thing I do,I’ll get to the bottom of it.

Autumn said,she was trying to think of different things,that might be bothering him. But she couldn’t come up with anything. Then she thought,maybe he is getting tired of her.

The next morning Autumn,dropped Tamara off at school,before she opened her shop.The business was doing fairly well.She said she had a job to do,after she picked Tamara up after school. Autumn had to go back in the shop and take inventory. She was happy that she had sold a lot of her merchandise,during the holidays.So she thought it shouldn’t be to bad.
The next week Autumn said,she would go to the resale wholesale,and purchase more things.
Autumn said Josh came home,the rest of the week,his usual time.Something was bothering him. She asked him,what was wrong. But he said everything is fine.


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