Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (20)

After Autumn and Josh got married. They both decided on buying a house,that was theirs together.Josh had a great job,he had been working at a car dealers,for about twelve years.
Autumn quite her job as a barmaid. She took some of her savings,and open a children’s shop.
The name of the shop was,”Hardly Worn.” The store was opened for children’s clothing and accessories. Ages, newborn to 12 years old,that were hardly worn. Autumn knew from being a mother,how expensive children’s clothing cost. Sometimes the clothing are hardly worn. With opening this business,it will give parents,with tight budgets. The opportunity,to buy their children,nice clothing in good shape. For a reasonably price.This also helps,her contribute,to her share for the family.
Things were really going great for Josh and Autumn.Everything seemed like,it all fell in place.
One day Autumn was going through her mail. There was a letter in there from the mortgage company. She almost flipped out,the letter stated, they were behind on the mortgage. I waited for Josh to come home from work,because he, has been taking care of all the bills.
When he came home,I showed him the bill. Josh told Autumn,that it had to be a big mistake. He paid all the bills on time.He told her,he’ll get in touch with the mortgage company tomorrow at work.
After that Autumn forgot about it. Because Josh said,he would take care of it. As the days and months past,her business was doing fantastic. Autumn was very proud of herself. Tamara was doing great in school.Josh was very caring,and life was just wonderful.
Autumn wrote a letter to her mother,brothers and sister. She told them,that she was having a grand life,and was the happiest she ever been in her life. She invited them all to come and visit them for the holidays.


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