Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (19)

She managed to get on with her life.She found a job as a barmaid,to help pay the bills,that kept the roof over her and Tamara’s head. Tamara,was in first grade by now,so while Autumn was working,Tamara was in school.
Autumn met a guy at work,he was one of her favorite customer,his name was Josh Teckly.
He reminded her of her late husband Jake. He was a large man,with broad shoulders,brown eyes and short blond, curly hair.They would talk about all the things,that matter to them in life.He was married before,but he lost his wife and baby girl. Through complications from child-birth.
One day Josh ask Autumn out. He knew,it was one of her days off.She jumped at the opportunity.But she told Josh,only if she can find a babysitter.
Josh replied,”why don’t you bring Tamara with us?”
That started,the every other weekend out. One would be just with Autumn,and all three of them,the other.
Josh was just wonderful with Tamara. I believe they got closer and closer together. Like father and daughter.
About one and half years after,they were playing family. Josh asked Autumn to be his wife. She didn’t know how to answer. Because they had a pretty good relationship,the way it was.
She told Josh to give her a little time to think about it.
It didn’t take Autumn to long to figure it out. Because she knew,that she loved him, but not the same as Jake.
Tamara just adorned Josh. So she gave him,her answer, that she would be honored to be his wife.
That weekend,all three of them went out to dinner to celebrate.


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