Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew” (18)

About a year later, one of her normal dates,ask her to marry him. He said,she didn’t deserve,to have a life-like that.He said,you know what happened to your girlfriend Tina. Someone gave her an overdose of drugs,and she died.Do you want that to happen to you?”
“Autumn cried for days after that,when she seen Jake,her friend. She told him,that she has decided to get out of there,as soon as possible.
That week,Autumn and Jake moved to North Carolina,and got married. Jake got a great contracting job there. Autumn was now, Mrs. Jake Danni. Autumn stayed home,and took care of the house. He was making good money,so he didn’t want her to work.
Six months later,Autumn was expecting their first baby.They were both in their late twenties,and just thrilled about the new baby coming.Autumn took the guest room,and decorated it in yellow. Because neither one didn’t want to know the baby’s sex. As long as the baby was born healthy.
A week before Christmas,Tamara was born. She was 6 lb 2 oz. With a head of blond curly hair,and beautiful big blue eyes.That Christmas was a happy one for them,years to remember.
Jake and Autumn,were very proud of Tamara.They took a lot of family pictures together.She sent mom a picture of her new family together.She also wrote mom a letter,and told her she was sorry,for all the trouble she put her through. She was a young teenager,and thought she knew everything.
Mom wrote back,she said,that she was happy for her and her new family. Chadwick is married,with a baby boy,named Charles,he’s a year old. Faith is married,with no children yet.Maxwell is away at college,and doing fine.Mom sent me,all my siblings addresses. I sent them,pictures of my family. They all did the same,except for Maxwell he is busy studying,and not serious about settling down yet.
It felt good for Autumn to be in contact with her family. Jake didn’t have a family,he was brought up in a foster home.He told Autumn he didn’t want that to happen to anyone. Because having a real family is the greatest thing in life.

When Tamara was two years old. Her father went to work,and never came back home.He was hurt real bad,in an accident at work,and he died later.Autumn was in shock,her world was turning upside down.

She wrote to her family,and told them the bad news.They were all sad for her,and wanted to help. But she insisted,she and Tamara would be fine.


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