Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister, That I Thought,I Knew (17)

After Gus left,Autumn went next door to meet Tina. She knock on the door a couple of times. The door opened a crack,a woman around the same age as her,stood behind it. Hello! Autumn said,You must be Tina. Gus sent me over,to talk to you,about my new job.
“Come in”,said Tina.”Have a seat over there.”
“Aren’t you the same lady I was talking to,said Autumn? We were sitting on a bench outside of the bus depot.”
“Yes your right!” I was waiting for a ride from my mother.
She never did come. I found myself,living on the streets.I didn’t have any place to go.
A man came out of nowhere,ask me if I wanted a place to stay,and I could work for him. So this is the place Gus gave me.I’ve been working for him,for almost a month.I really don’t like what I’m doing. But at the same time,I have no other place to go.
“It sounds like were in the same boat Tina.What do we exactly do?”
Tina started saying,” We are dates,for Gus’s friends. You just have to play along with them.”
“I don’t know about that,said Autumn. I have never, done anything like that.”
“Well if you want a roof over your head,and food in your stomach. This will have to do for now.”
“I guess your right Tina.”
“Gus will give you, your schedule soon.
I got mine, last week,I have a date tonight at 9:00p.m.”
Autumn said good-by to Tina,and she went back in her room.
A couple of days later ,she received her very own schedule. It had dates,times and names.
Autumn said,that the first couple of dates went smoothly.After wards,my dates were getting me drunk and high.She didn’t know if she was coming or going,things were getting bad.


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