Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (14)

So Autumn,”How long are you planing to stay?”
“I don’t know!”
“Well you better figure it out fast,because we don’t have enough of room for you.”
I didn’t know how to answer that. I just said,”Okay”
The front door opened, and a girl walked in. She was about my height,little plump,with long dark hair,that she had in a pony tail.She was somewhere around my age.
She said,”Who are you?”
“I’m Autumn.”
Shirley said right away, “This is your step-sister Candy.
“I didn’t know I had a step-sister”sarcastically Candy said.
“Well you do now.”Her mother said.
“Autumn don’t even think about making my bedroom,yours.”Candy said
“Don’t worry about it Candy,she sleeping on the back porch. I think she is just here to take news back to her mom.She won’t be here long.”
“That’s not true Shirley,I came to live with my dad,because my mother is always picking on me.”
Shirley answered, “Autumn we’ll see about that.”
When dad came back home,I overheard Shirley telling dad.That I was trying to start trouble with the two kids.
When he came on the back porch,he said to me,”Why are you trying to start trouble with the two kids?”
“I’m not,I said,Shirley is lying.”
“The next time,she tells me,you are starting trouble. I’m getting the belt out.”
“I’m not,Dad. They don’t like me.”
“Don’t be a little child,you know better.”
The next three months was pretty bad. Shirley,was still at it. Telling dad,I was starting trouble again.He beat me with the belt several,times. They all got their laughs out of it.I called Chadwick once a month,and told him everything was going great here. I didn’t want him to come here and take me back home. Everything was great,outside of this house. They were nothing but a bunch of cruel people,inside.


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