Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister,That I Thought, I Knew (12)

“Mom’s home,I ran away,because she is mean to me.”
“Well! You should have called me first,before you came here to Columbus.”
Autumn started to cry,”But dad, I’m here now.”’
“Where are you at Autumn?”
“I’m standing in front of the bus terminal,in the phone booth.”
“You stay there,and I’ll come and pick you up.”
“Okay dad!”
I thought after that,I better call Chadwick fast. I when I called,Chadwick pick the phone up on the first ring. I told Chadwick,I just called Dad,and he was picking me up. My brother says,”great,when you get a chance call me sometime.” “Okay I answered.Bye!”
While, I was waiting for my dad,I sat on the bench next to the phone booth.Their was a girl about my age,she had a headset on. Probably listening to music. She had her head down,when I sat down on the bench.She suddenly looked up at me and smiled. Then she took her headset off.
“Hi”She said, “are you waiting for a bus?”
“No!” I’m waiting for my dad.”
“Your lucky,the girl said,”I just came in from Delaware,to stay with my mom.I called a couple of numbers for her,and I can’t find her.”
“Wow” I said,”My name is Autumn,I’m from Pennsylvania”
“Nice to meet you,my name is Tina,I’m from Delaware.”
“What are you going to do,if you can’t find your mother?”
“I really don’t know,Autumn,I guess,I’ll have to find a place to stay.”
“I wish I could help you.My father is supposed to pick me up soon. Just as she said that,an older blue station wagon. Stopped in front of the bench. The man rolled down the window on the front passenger,and said,”Autumn get in.” It was my dad’s voice.I said ,good-by to Tina,and wished her luck.
When I got in dad’s car,and closed the door. He looked at me and said,”You had no business,getting on that bus and coming here.Your mother is probably a nervous wreck.”


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