Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister, That I Thought,I Knew (11)

Autumn boarded the bus,she only had the clothes on her back.She didn’t want to take anything with her. As she got on the bus,she went to her seat.There was a middle age lady siting next to her.
The woman smiled…then she said,”Hello my name is Judy,what is yours?
“I smiled back…my name is Autumn.”
“That is a very pretty name. Where are you headed?”
“I’m on my way to Ohio,to live with my father.”
“That’s nice,I’m getting off soon,I think the next stop is in Pittsburgh. I have friends their.I’m going to stay a couple of weeks with them.”
When the bus arrived at the Pittsburgh bus station,Judy grabbed her belonging,and said good to Autumn.
The bus pulled out of the station,and they were on their way.
Autumn tried to relax,by enjoying the beautiful scenery. She got tired after that,so she closed her eyes for a little while. Then she fell sound asleep.

The greyhound bus that autumn was riding . Just pulled in at the bus terminal,in Columbus Ohio,the state capital. Autumn,grabbed all the things she brought,in a little bag with her. Which was very little. When she got off the bus,she looked around her. The sky was beautiful,everyone was walking around,just enjoying the weather.Autumn thought to herself,I’m going to walk down to the beach,and take my shoes off.The warmth of the white sand,felt good on her feet.Before long, she had enough of the beach.
Autumn,walked off the beach,to find a telephone booth,so she could call her father.She called the number her grandmother gave her,to call when she reached Ohio.The phone rang three times,before a woman answered the phone.
“Hello, I said,Can I speak to my father?”
“Who is your father?”the woman said
“My father’s name is Claude,and my grandmother gave me this number.”
“Okay, Hold on and I’ll get him.”
“ I patiently waited for him to come to the phone,when he did,it seemed like forever.”
When he came on the phone he said,” hello! Who is this?”
“Dad, this is Autumn,grand mom gave me your number.”
“Where is your mother?”


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