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The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (31)

Autumn said,her Public Defender,was about 5’9”,curly short red hair,lean with black rim glasses.Hello Mrs. Teckly, my name is Berton Goldwin. I’m going to be your public defender.
He takes his glasses off,and looks at a paper in front of him.
Berton says,”I see you have been charged with, 2 counts of attempted murder here.
Did you try to murder your husband,and Mrs. Mather’s?
“Who!” “Mrs. Mather’s?” “You mean Justin Mather’s,wife?”
“Yes,I believe your right.”Says Berton
“Then she is Jock’s,bosses wife. They both have a frickin nerve.I should of killed them both.”
“Mrs. Teckly,you can’t talk like that. Your already being charged on 2 counts of attempted murder.”
“Mr. Goldwin,”Who gives a shit! Further more, my name is Autumn.”
“Okay Autumn,you have to watch what you say,from now on. That’s if,” you want to go back to your daughter,and not jail.”
“I’m not worried about seeing my daughter again. Tamara has a good home with my sister Faith and her husband Ben.Right now it’s better for her,instead of roaming around with me. I have no job,no place to live,and no money. The answer to your question is,at the time……………the last thing I remember. Was my husband in bed naked with another woman, she also was,bare ass. I guess,I must have flipped out.Their was a police officer,who was hand cuffing me. The cop told me,that,I was being charged,on 2 counts of attempted murder.”
“Well, Mrs. Teckly,I mean Autumn,I’m going to try to make a deal, with the prosecutor. If you plead guilty to attempted murder,reason for temporary insanity. You might get off easier.”
“Do want you have to do Mr. Goldwin,I just want to get the hell out of here.”
Autumn said,then the guard takes her back to the cell.

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (30)

Autumn told me she was in jail,that she was waiting for her public defender.Autumn told me she would keep in touch.
“I can’t believe I’m stuck in this place”,she said to herself. “Jock and I and Tamara,had a very good life. What in the hell got into Jock? The gambling,was bad enough,then another woman. I guess,I wasn’t enough for him………just like our father,he had to stray on our mother.
“I must be the black sheep of the family. Chadwick,and Faith have a great marriage.Maxwell is in college. Me, I’m sitting in this damn cell.Yes I must be the black sheep of the family.
As Autumn was daydreaming,a cop brought in an cellmate,next to hers.She said,the woman was about in her late twenties,with short auburn hair,not combed,short and thin. The woman looked at her,and said,”who the hell are you looking at?”
Autumn said,”your the only other person in here. My name is Autumn,”whats your?”
“I guess it’s nice to meet you! My name is Mattie,and them dam cops,locked me up. “Because,listen to this!!” “They said,I was selling drugs.” Just because,I was standing on the corner. Mattie smiled,”maybe I was trying to sell myself.”
“What are you in here for?”
“The cops said, two counts of attempted murder.” “I don’t remember anything.”
“Wow!” Mattie said,”Who did you try to murder?”
“My husband and his fling for the night,so they say.”
“I’ve got to keep my eyes open, grinned Mattie. I don’t want to run into your husband.You might try to kill me.”
My public defender came in,from the outer door of the jail room……with a cop. He seen Mattie,and asked,the cop “if they have a small private room,so he could talk with Autumn?”

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (29)

Autumn said, she was really up shit creek. She just had the little money left in her purse.
I have to call Jack,and tell him that I’m closing and cleaning the store up. But I don’t have the rent money to pay for this month.
When autumn called Jack,he was nice about it.
He told her,”being your going to clean the store up,forget the rent money. You need to get back on your feet.”
Autumn said,she thanked Jack, did what she had to do in the store,but hated to leave.She thought,(Where am I going to?)

Autumn told me,she didn’t want to come back to my house yet. “Besides Tamara,was already upset when she left”,she said.
Therefore Autumn sat in her car for a long time. She thought,”I could go over Frieda’s house,but I didn’t want to be a burden. I don’t want to go back to the house either.Jock might be their and I definitely don’t want to see him.But she said, “she had to go somewhere”.
Autumn decided to go back to her house,when she got their . There was a silver sports car parked out front. There weren’t any lights on in the house. Maybe Jock went out,with a friend,and the friend left his vehicle here.
Autumn said,she wasn’t going to just stand out front. She found her house keys in her purse,and let herself in. When she turned on the switch in the living room. Everything looked the same. As she was walking toward the kitchen,she heard some one laughing.
Autumn said that stopped her in her tracks. She said,she got a knife out of the utensil drawer. Then she just stood their,and heard two voices coming from upstairs.
Autumn said,she then slowing walked up the steps. When she got to the top,she noticed the laughter was coming from the master bedroom.
When she opened the door,and turned the light on.
She seen Jock in the bed,with no clothes on,with a nude woman. I don’t know what happened after that.
All I remember is, a police officer hand cuffing me.
He told me I was arrested on two charges, of attempted murder.All I can remember is opening the door, I must have lost it.

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (28)

When Autumn arrived into the town of Sorta,North Carolina. She said that, she stopped at Wendy’s to get something to eat.Autumn said,she ordered something to eat,and was going to sit at a table. Frieda,a friend of hers,popped out of no-where.
Frieda said,”Where have you been? I’ve been trying to get you on your phone since last night.”
“You didn’t call my cell phone.”
“No” I called your house,because I lost my cell phone with all my numbers.I only know your land line number by heart.”
“So Frieda,what is so important?”said Autumn.
“Last night,someone broke into your store,after they broke the door window. Then they left their selves in. Everything was thrown around on the floor.The cash register was broken into, what ever was in there is going. Some one was walking by the store last night, between 1 or 2 o’clock this morning. Seen somebody in their,and called the police.
The officer contacted,the owner of the building,which you know is my brother-in-law.
He called your house to tell you. But there was no answer.
Jack then called me,and ask me to try to contact you.”
“Autumn told Frieda she was out of town.Everything seems to happen at once.”
“I’m sorry Autumn,can I help with anything?”
“No Thanks, If I need anything,I’ll call your house.”
Autumn said,after that,she didn’t have an appetite. She said,she threw everything in the trash,and went to her store,what was left.
Autumn said,she drove about fifteen minutes to her store.
When she got there,the door was boarded up. But the door wasn’t locked.
Somebody had come in there,I guess to steal the money in the drawer.I had around forty dollars in there. That probably wasn’t enough for the person.
So who-ever,decided to throw,all my inventory around. That wasn’t bad enough,they had to spray paint them to.

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (27)

The next morning Autumn was up bright and early.
She walked into the bathroom to take a shower. She noticed the pretty floral shower curtains,and the pearly white tile floor. With lime green throw rugs.
Autumn thought,I didn’t notice all this last night. My mind must have been on vacation.
Autumn showered and put on her brown dress slacks,and white sweater.
Then she put on her brown socks and brown shoes.
Just as she was leaving the bathroom,she heard Tamara calling her.
I went into the bedroom,hugged her and gave her a kiss. I told her I loved her.
Tamara said, “I love you too Mommy!”

“Get washed up and dressed,and I’ll meet you downstairs.”

When Tamara came down stairs,Autumn told her that she had business to take care of.
Aunt Faith will take care of you until,I get back.
After autumn made Tamara some breakfast, Autumn just had a cup of coffee.While they were eating their breakfast,I came down the steps in my p.j’s. I had a cup of coffee with Autumn. Autumn told me,she already had a talk with Tamara,and told her she was staying with her for a while.

After breakfast,Autumn gave Tamara a kiss. She said good-by to us both,and picked her suitcase up. Autumn went out to her blue SUV. Put her suitcase in the back.
She pull out of driveway,and waved good-by. Off she was to North Carolina,it looked like it was going to be a nice day.
As Autumn was driving back to North Carolina,it was quite without Tamara.

So she put on the radio,and listened to the country music,while she was driving. This seemed to relax her, that, and looking out at the beautiful scenery.The sun was shinning on the different trees,and the wildflowers.

Autumn was going to stop and get something to eat,when she got closer. But she said,she decided to wait until she got there.

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (26)

After Autumn got off the phone with Jock.Autumn told me about the call from Jock.
I asked her, “Why she would be going back to North Carolina after that call?”
“I don’t know why!
“I really can’t face anybody,that I know,from their. But I do know,I can’t leave my business sit idle,either. I’ll be going back tomorrow morning,after Tamara is settled.”
“That’s your choice Autumn,I’ll take good care of Tamara for you.”
Autumn hugged me,and said with tears in her eyes,I know sis,I know.”
As I was making a cup of tea for both of us. We heard a car pull in,in front of the house.I said,”I bet that is Ben.” I looked out the window,and it was Ben getting out of green SUV. Ben came up to the door,and I opened it. He said,”Hello Honey”,and gave me a kiss. When he walked in the door Ben seen Autumn sitting at the kitchen table. “Well hello stranger”,and gave Autumn a kiss on the cheek.’”I’m sure Faith told you that,you and your daughter are welcome to stay as long as you want.”
“Thanks Ben,I’m going back tomorrow morning,to try to straighten some things out. Tamara is going to stay here,until I can pick her back up.”
“I’m sorry you can’t stay a little longer,” Ben said.
“Me too!” “But I’ll come back as soon as I can.”
“Faith,” Autumn said, “I think I’m going up stairs now,and try to get some sleep.”
“Alright,see you in the morning.”
When Autumn was upstairs in her room,I heard her close the door.
“Ben I said,it’s a damn shame what Autumn has been through. First her own dad,throws her on the street. Then her husband Jake died,she is left with Tamara by herself to raise. She then finds a second-man of her dreams.They get married,she thinks everything is going to be a happy ending. Out of the blue,she finds out the love of her life is a real ass-hole.”
“I know,Ben tells me,it’s a shame.”

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (25)

“So what is going on,Autumn?”
“Faith,I’m really to embarrassed,to tell you.
“Whatever it is,you should get it out of your system.” I sighed
“Well!” “Here it goes!”
“Jock was acting very strangely,not long after the holidays. I didn’t know what to think. He was staying out late,he said he was with friends. I feared that he fell out of love with me. Maybe he found another love. All kinds of crazy things were in my head. This went on for a couple of months,such crazy thoughts. Then one Saturday night,he went out by himself. He said that,he needed to be alone,to think. Later that night,he came home drunk,which he never done before. That was when I found out what was bothering him.Jock told me,he didn’t know how to say this. But we are stone broke…..He gambled all of our money away,savings and all.Good thing,I had some money in a separate account for my business. I closed that account this morning. Other wise I would be stone broke now.I have to go back to North Carolina,and try to sell all of my inventory. In the meantime, can I leave Tamara here,until I get things settled at my store?
“Of course Autumn, I’ll be glad to help. Take care of what you have to do. She is safe with me.”
“Autumn had tears in her eyes,she gave me a big hug.
Autumn sighed, “I’ll leave five hundred dollars with you. Keep two hundred,for yourself,and the rest for Tamara,for things she might need.”
I told Autumn,”Thanks,but I don’t need any money.Keep it for yourself.”
“Well if you don’t want the money,just hold on to it.”

“I’ll be going back,to North Carolina tomorrow morning, sadly Autumn said.

Back in North Carolina,Jock walked into the house. He seen the note right away,that Autumn,had written him. Jock called Autumns cell phone,she answered it on the second ring.
“Jock why are you calling me,after you rocked our world?”
Jock said,”Autumn,I know I was stupid ,but I love you.”
“Jock if you loved me and Tamara,you wouldn’t of done this to us.”
“I’m sorry Autumn,I’m just plain stupid. The sheriff is coming next week to lock down the house.The utilities,will be shut off soon.I don’t know what to do.”
“Don’t ask me,I’m finished with you. I’m going to take care of shutting my business down.The next time I talk to you,if I do. It’ll be about our divorce,Autumn than clicks the phone off.

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (24)

As she took the long drive to North Caroline.It was about 39 degrees,the skies were clear,and the sun was shining. The roads weren’t very busy,which was good for me.She just hated to be stuck in a lot of traffic. Tamara was sitting in the back seat coloring in her coloring book.Autumn said she was listening to her favorite music on a radio station. Which was country music,that seem to relax her.
After about two hours,which was all most three-quarters the way. Autumn pulled into a fast food restaurant,and Tamara was jumping up and down. “About time mom”,she said, “I’m hungry,and I have to go to the bathroom”.”Okay Tamara,calm down,I have the same problems.” “Are you ready to go in?” “Yes mom,” Tamara answered.
Autumn said,after they tidied up,and ate their meal.They both were ready to leave. Autumn called me, and told me where she was. She said she is only about an hour away. Autumn said,she would call back when she was closer.
When Autumn got closer,it was starting to get dark. Autumn called me again,when she got about ten minutes closer.
When they pulled into the driveway,I was standing at the door. I went out and help them,bring their things in.I showed Autumn and Tamara,where the extra room was. After they were settled some. I told them,to get washed up,before they ate.”Autumn” I said, “I made a pot of chicken noodle soup,for us.”We will be back down shortly,” Autumn said.
I called my husband Ben,and told him that my sister and niece just arrived. Ben said,”that’s great honey,tell them both,they are welcome to stay as long as they like.”
“Okay Ben,I’ll tell them both,and I’ll see you when you get done work.”
“Okay honey,I’ll see you after I’m finished work.

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (23)

Autumn said she gave the teller,her business account number. She told her,that she wanted to close the account. Which had about nine hundred dollars in it.After Autumn left the bank,she went straight to her business,and hung a sign up,on the door. The sign read,”Closing Business,due to personal concerns.”
Autumn said, she hated to do this,but she didn’t want to stay here. When personal things did happen,as Josh stated.
Autumn called me and asked if Tamara could stay with me,for a while. Things weren’t going to good there. Autumn said,she would explain,when she got their. I told her, of-course you are both welcome here anytime. “Isn’t Jock coming?”, I asked.
“No he is not,he will be staying here”.

Autumn said,after she talked to me. She went into Tamara’s room,and tried to pack everything she could. That was important to Tamara,her clothes,her dolls,and all the things she thought was important to Tamara.
Autumn gathered her things next,she hated to leave a lot of personal things. She made sure she gathered,her jewelry that Jake and Jock brought for her. Autumn didn’t want Jock to sell them for his debt.After she loaded every thing in her SUV. Autumn said,she went back into the house,and wrote Jock a letter.

I’ve packed all my things and Tamara’s. I’m going to my sister Faith’s house. Until you straighten everything out. If not,I’ll be filing for divorce,it’s you choice.

Autumn said she picked Tamara up from school.She told her they were going on a vacation,at aunt Faiths house. Autumn said,she didn’t like to lie to her,but didn’t know what else to say to her. Anyway, Tamara was happy,but she ask where Jock was at.I told her he didn’t want to go.

The Sister, That I Thought.I Knew (22)

Autumn said,she was trying to think of different things,that might be bothering him. But she couldn’t come up with anything.
Then she thought,(maybe he is getting tired of her).
The next morning Autumn,dropped Tamara off at school, before she opened her shop. The business was doing fairly well.She said she had a job to do,after she picked Tamara up after school. Autumn had to go back in the shop and take inventory. She was happy that she had sold a lot of her merchandise,during the holidays.So she thought it shouldn’t be to bad. The next week Autumn said,she would go to the resale wholesale,and purchase more things.
Autumn said Josh came home,the rest of the week,his usual time.Something was bothering him. She asked him,what was wrong. But he said everything is fine.

Saturday night,he went out by himself.He never has done that,since we been together. Josh told Autumn,he just wanted to be by himself for a while.
Late that night,Josh came home,drunk as a skunk. Another thing that he never did before.
Autumn said,Josh told her,he didn’t know how to tell her.
But he said.”We are stone broke.
Autumn asked him,”How could that be?”
Josh said,”Because I’ve been gambling all of our money on the horses.I know I shouldn’t had,but I kept losing and trying to get it all back.Instead,I lost everything.”
Autumn told him,”How could you do this to us?”
Josh told her,”Because I was stupid.
Autumn asked him, “if he paid all the bills?”
He answered, “No!” “I lost my job,because I was going to the racetrack instead of work. We are going to lose everything.The house,your business,everything”.
Autumn said she was in a daze. She couldn’t understand,why this was happening. She had to do something fast,for her and Tamara. Autumn told Josh,if they lost everything. Than it was over for their marriage. She could never trust him again.
The next day Autumn went to their bank to inquire,about how much money was in the account. The teller told her, “Mrs. Teckly, you have only twenty dollars in this account.”

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