Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (10)

Later that night,the phone started ringing.Chadwick picked the phone up. Autumn was on the other line.
”Hello Chadwick,do you know who this is?”
Chadwick answered,”Yes,I do!” “You better come home before mom kicks your ass.”
“That’s one of the reason,I ran away.”
“Where do you think your going?”
“I’m taking the bus to Ohio,to stay with dad.”
“Autumn,where did you get the money,to go to Ohio?”
“Don’t tell mom,you’ll get Faith in trouble. But we both went over to grand mom’s this week.I told grand mom,that mom is being mean to me and Faith for no reason. I told her,I wanted to go to Ohio,and move in with dad. So while I was in the kitchen with grand mom,she gave me dad’s address,and money for the bus.I didn’t tell Faith,I didn’t want her to tell mom,on me.I don’t think,she would of,but I wasn’t taking any chances.”
Chadwick said,”How do you know,dad will take you in?
“He’s got to,I’m his daughter.”
“I don’t know Autumn,remember he just took off,and wanted to make a new family?”
“Well that’s the chance I’m going to take.” I’ve had enough with mom,always picking on me. Soon Faith will get tired,of all the crap,and leave home to.”
Mom’s in the background,asking,”who on the phone?”
“I’m talking to one of my friends.” Chadwick said
“Autumn,where are you at?
I’m at the bus station,nearby. The bus is leaving in ten minutes. I just wanted to call,and hope you answered the phone.So I could tell you where I’m going. You can tell mom later.This way I’ll be pretty well far away—-but closer to my destination”.
“I don’t want to see you go,but I know you already have your mind made up.sighed Chadwick.
“Promise me you will call me,when you get there.”
“I will” Chadwick,good by for now. Then she hung up.


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