Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (9)

I left the house,to search for Autumn. There were only two places,that I thought she might be.The first place was at Ned’s house. I knocked at their door,and Ned answered it. I asked him if he seen Autumn. Ned said,”This morning before school,she was yelling at me. She called me a jerk!” I haven’t seen her since.”
“Okay Thanks Ned,if you see her,tell her she better come home.”
“I doubt very much,if she’ll stop here,because she’s really mad at me.” Then he shut his door.
The next place was grand moms,and I hated to go their by myself.But I went anyway,to see if she was their. Before,I even knocked,grand mom was looking out her door.When I went up to her door,she opened it.
She said, “what do you want?”

“Grand mom,did you see Autumn today?”
“No I haven’t! She growled.
“Mom sent me to look for her,because she didn’t come home from school yet.”
“I can’t help you Faith,because,she isn’t here.” Then she slammed the door shut.
I was sadden,I didn’t know where else to look for her.When I get home,mom will probably beat me with the belt,because she’s no-where to be found.
When I arrived home,mom was waiting in the kitchen. I told her,”I looked all over for her,and I can’t find her.”
Mom said,”you have to know where’s she at. Because you both stuck real close to each other.”
“I know!” I cried,”but I don’t know where’s she’s at.”
Chadwick walked in the door,mom asked,him “if he seen Autumn?”
“No I haven’t mom,what’s gone on?”
“Your sister went to school this morning,and she hasn’t come home yet. Faith went to look for her,but she came home empty handed.”


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