Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (8)

The next morning Autumn and I got up for school.While we got dressed,Autumn was singing away. She was still in a very good mood.I told her that I wish,I could be as happy as she is,right now.
Autumn laughed,”You’ll be happy,in a couple of years.”
I said.”What do you mean by that?”
Autumn laughed again.”You’ll find out,what I’m talking about later.
We finished getting ready for school.Looked at the clock,and it was time to leave.
On the way to school,we caught up with a friend of ours Karen.We all were talking about the crazy things,that happened in school.We were all laughing so hard,that we had tears in our eyes.
When we arrived at school,I went inside. I left Karen out front,they were still talking about all the crazy things,that happened in school,this year. As I was opening the door,I noticed Ned walking up to Autumn.Karen started to walk into the building. When I closed the door,I could see Ned and Autumn talking.It looked like she was yelling at him.
After school,I walked out in front of the school.I waited for Autumn,but she didn’t show. Maybe she had to stay after class.I went back in the building to her home room. Mrs. Blink was their,so I asked her if Autumn had to stay after school. Mrs. Blink looked at me in surprise.Autumn didn’t come to school today. Yes she did,We walked together here. I left her out front talking to Ned Brisk.Well I’m sorry Faith,she wasn’t in home room this morning. Thank you, Mrs. Blink,she’s probably home already.
So I walked home by myself,I couldn’t figure this out. Where would she go? I just hope she beat me home.
When I got home,I walked in. My mother was in the kitchen.” Where’s your sister?”my mother asked. I was going to ask you the same question. I didn’t see her after school. I thought she beat me home,which was odd.
“Well you better go back out and find her. If anyone know where she’s at,it would be you.”
I’ll go look at a couple of places,but I wouldn’t know why she didn’t come home.
My mother said,”Just go,” find her, and bring her back.”


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