Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister,That I Thought I Knew (6)

Autumn told Ned,”You might be afraid of my mother,but I’m not.”If that’s the way you feel about it. That’s fine with me! I’ll fine another guy,that really loves me,and isn’t afraid to see me.”
I said,”I’m sorry to hear that,maybe,it’s for the best.”
Autumn said,”I don’t know about the best part.But I’m sick and tired of mom,telling me,where I can go. Who I can or cannot see.I’m sixteen years old,I have my own mind.”
But Autumn,”We are still under mom’s roof,I’m only fifteen,and your sixteen.”
“Well,I’m going to try to do sometime about it.Chadwick can do what he wants.He even quit didn’t say anything to him. Because he is a boy!
Isn’t that what she tells us girls all the time?”
“Your right Autumn! But things should change when we get older’”
“I have to figure something out.I hate going back home,and listen to mom holler at us girls.We haven’t done anything wrong. She should be hollering at Chadwick,but no,that’s her favorite. So she let’s him do want he wants,all the time.(Because he’s a boy!)
When we arrived home,Mom said,”you both get upstairs in your room.When supper is ready,I’ll call you both down.”
When supper was ready,she called us down.Little Maxwell was sitting at the table,with a big smile on his face. He was glad to see us. I thought.”At least somebody is glad to see us.”
We all sat down and ate. Mom didn’t say anything to us. After we ate,I wash the dishes,and Autumn dried them.
After we were finished,mom said,”Now you both get back upstairs. I don’t want to see or hear, neither one of you, until tomorrow,now get upstairs


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