Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister,That I Thought, I Knew (5)

Autumn seen mom,and she knew she was in trouble.As Autumn walked down the steps,Mom yelled, “Wait until both of you girls get home.
My sister and I had tears in our eyes,as we were walking. Mom was yelling and yelling,at us the whole walk home.
When we arrived home,mom got her belt out,and beat us both with it. She kept saying,”after I’m finished,you girls,won’t ever lie to me again.”We were both screaming and hollering,”Mom stop.”Little Maxwell,was crying,he didn’t know why this was happening. So he was crying with us,and for us.
After mom was done,she said,”Now both of you girls,get upstairs,and get to bed. You know you have school tomorrow.”
The next morning,Autumn and I got up and prepare ourselves for school.Mom was downstairs, still talking about last night.
When we came down stairs,mom said,”Both of you girls better come straight home.”
Both of us grabbed our books.We didn’t have to many,because it was near the end of the school year. “
Tests start on Monday”,said Autumn
I know! I said,as we both walked out the door to walk to school.
“Tomorrow is Wednesday,and we both have half days”. So why don’t we go over to grand mom’s house? Mom doesn’t know we have a half day,said Autumn
I sighed, “After last night,that sounds like a plan.”
When we arrived at school, Autumn went to her home room,and I went to mine.The day went by fast.None of the teachers,gave us homework,we just had to study for the test coming up next week.I heard the last bell,that meant,all classes are over.I walked to my locker,and put the books in that I didn’t need.Then,I walked out of the school,and seen Autumn, talking to Ned.
I said,Autumn,”Are you ready to go home?”
“In a minute,Faith,let me finish talking to Ned.”
I waited until she was finished,and then we started walking back home again.
Autumn said,”I told Ned what happened last night.He couldn’t believe it!
Ned told Autumn,that it would be better,if they didn’t see each other for a while.”


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