Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister,That I Thought , I Knew (4)

As the years went by,almost all of us, got our schooling under our belts. Chadwick,wouldn’t show up for school,half the time. Finally,he quit school,and continued chasing girls. Of course staying out all night.

Autumn was fifteen,when she lost interest in school. She had boys on her mind. Once in a while, mom would let Autumn and I go to the school dance. One night,Autumn met this new guy,at the dance.
His name was Ned,and they became good friends. Ned and Autumn,would dance all night,if you would let them.

One night after the dance,Ned wanted to walk us home.I told Ned,he must be crazy,because our mother wouldn’t let us go to the dance again.So Ned walked us half way home. Him and Autumn,were walking in front of me holding hands.I guess they were in love.
Anyway,Autumn and I usually go to the library,twice a week. To do research for school. Since her and Ned were in love.We told our mother a lie,that we had a big test coming up.So we had to go three times a week. My mother didn’t like it. She told both of us,we better not be lying. I might stop at the library and check on you both.

I told Autumn that we’re going to get in trouble. Because that extra day,she wanted to go over to Ned’s house.”She not going to catch us”said Autumn.

Any way,we were sneaking over to Ned’s house for about two weeks.On the third week, while I was standing outside right in front of Ned’s house waiting for Autumn. Here comes our mother,walking down the sidewalk,with Maxwell. She came up to me and hollered,”So this is the way you both go to the library? Where is Autumn at?”
“In there mom”
“Well,get your ass up their,and tell her it’s time to come home.”NOW!”

I knocked on the door and Ned’s mother answered it.I told her my mother is here,and she wants us both to go home.”
“Your sister’s not here.” 
“Yes she is,she’s upstairs,doing her homework with Ned.
Ned’s mother yelled up the stairs for Autumn,and she flew down the steps.”Autumn, your mother is outside.”
Ned’s mother, yelled for Ned,as Autumn walked out the door.


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