Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

“The SisterThat,I Thought, I Knew” (2)

We were a close-knit family. Both my parents,were very strict, with all of us.We had better,finished all our chores. If not,we would get the belt,which we all were afraid of.My brother tried his darn-est,to get out of his chores.  Sometimes,he succeeded, because he would always say, ”This is girls work”   No matter what Autumn and I said,didn’t matter.My mother said, she cooked and washed clothes all week. The least we could do on the weekend is help clean the house.  I have to laugh thinking back,Autumn and I hated,cleaning all the Venetian blinds.We both said ,that ,when we had our own house. Their wouldn’t be any blinds on our windows.

The whole family,loved when summer came around. We use to all pile up in the car,and our father took us all fishing or swimming. Some times we would have a picnic,and eat and play,until it got dark.

I remember one summer,we all went swimming.My father was cut real bad,on his arm. I think it was caused by a broken tree limb,in the water.There was blood all over…to this day. I won’t go into the water by myself,it frighten me that bad.

My mother was sick,she made an appointment with the doctor.She didn’t tell us what the doctor told her.But we found out much later.That we were going to have another brother or sister.Before long,mom went into the hospital. Her and dad,came home with our new brother. They named him Maxwell Muffle.

Autumn and I just loved little Maxwell..He had curly blond hair,with big blue eyes. We took turns,helping mom with him. He was a good baby,we would give him a bath,and feed him.Then he would fall asleep,until,he got hungry again.

My parents said,they would have to get a bigger house.The neighbor Joe,heard about it,and he told dad. That a family is moving out of a three bedroom house. Just four blocks away,they are moving back to their hometown,in California.

Within a month,we were moved into our new house.Everything was going great,at least my siblings,and I thought so.


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