Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

” The Sister,That I Thought, I Knew “

On a cold afternoon in November,the year was 1960. I remember my mother putting on my leggings, gloves,hat and boots. I was so happy. I was going outside and play in the backyard.When I was playing,it didn’t matter how hot or cold it got.As long as I, could be outside. My brother and sister,were in the house playing. They didn’t like the cold at all.Neither one of them,wanted,any parts of the cold.I didn’t care,I was happy.

I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania,called Flint, pop.1200 In the center of town,there is a business district,the post office,grocery store,and other small businesses. We have an elementary  school,that is a couples blocks,from the firehouse. The middle and high school,is in the next, much larger town called Blunt.

We lived in an old house on the corner of Vixen Street. My father Claude,who is slim, 5’7” with black hair,cut as a man’s haircut.He has brown eyes,and he always has a stern looked on his face.He worked for the post office.

My mother Paula, is a homemaker. Mom was always cleaning,or in the kitchen,cooking us something good to eat.

She is short,and chubby,with shoulder length reddish-brown hair,and always wears it in a bun. She stayed home and took care of us kids.

My brother Chadwick,,who’s a carbon copy of our father.

My sister Autumn,has the same color of hair,and eyes like mom. But she’s 5’7” and slender,and looks like our father.

My name is Faith,I’m the youngest,5’2”,with long light brown hair,slender,and I have blue eyes.


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One thought on “” The Sister,That I Thought, I Knew “

  1. I like your story so far. I can tell it will be a interesting story.

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