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The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (10)

Later that night,the phone started ringing.Chadwick picked the phone up. Autumn was on the other line.
”Hello Chadwick,do you know who this is?”
Chadwick answered,”Yes,I do!” “You better come home before mom kicks your ass.”
“That’s one of the reason,I ran away.”
“Where do you think your going?”
“I’m taking the bus to Ohio,to stay with dad.”
“Autumn,where did you get the money,to go to Ohio?”
“Don’t tell mom,you’ll get Faith in trouble. But we both went over to grand mom’s this week.I told grand mom,that mom is being mean to me and Faith for no reason. I told her,I wanted to go to Ohio,and move in with dad. So while I was in the kitchen with grand mom,she gave me dad’s address,and money for the bus.I didn’t tell Faith,I didn’t want her to tell mom,on me.I don’t think,she would of,but I wasn’t taking any chances.”
Chadwick said,”How do you know,dad will take you in?
“He’s got to,I’m his daughter.”
“I don’t know Autumn,remember he just took off,and wanted to make a new family?”
“Well that’s the chance I’m going to take.” I’ve had enough with mom,always picking on me. Soon Faith will get tired,of all the crap,and leave home to.”
Mom’s in the background,asking,”who on the phone?”
“I’m talking to one of my friends.” Chadwick said
“Autumn,where are you at?
I’m at the bus station,nearby. The bus is leaving in ten minutes. I just wanted to call,and hope you answered the phone.So I could tell you where I’m going. You can tell mom later.This way I’ll be pretty well far away—-but closer to my destination”.
“I don’t want to see you go,but I know you already have your mind made up.sighed Chadwick.
“Promise me you will call me,when you get there.”
“I will” Chadwick,good by for now. Then she hung up.

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (9)

I left the house,to search for Autumn. There were only two places,that I thought she might be.The first place was at Ned’s house. I knocked at their door,and Ned answered it. I asked him if he seen Autumn. Ned said,”This morning before school,she was yelling at me. She called me a jerk!” I haven’t seen her since.”
“Okay Thanks Ned,if you see her,tell her she better come home.”
“I doubt very much,if she’ll stop here,because she’s really mad at me.” Then he shut his door.
The next place was grand moms,and I hated to go their by myself.But I went anyway,to see if she was their. Before,I even knocked,grand mom was looking out her door.When I went up to her door,she opened it.
She said, “what do you want?”

“Grand mom,did you see Autumn today?”
“No I haven’t! She growled.
“Mom sent me to look for her,because she didn’t come home from school yet.”
“I can’t help you Faith,because,she isn’t here.” Then she slammed the door shut.
I was sadden,I didn’t know where else to look for her.When I get home,mom will probably beat me with the belt,because she’s no-where to be found.
When I arrived home,mom was waiting in the kitchen. I told her,”I looked all over for her,and I can’t find her.”
Mom said,”you have to know where’s she at. Because you both stuck real close to each other.”
“I know!” I cried,”but I don’t know where’s she’s at.”
Chadwick walked in the door,mom asked,him “if he seen Autumn?”
“No I haven’t mom,what’s gone on?”
“Your sister went to school this morning,and she hasn’t come home yet. Faith went to look for her,but she came home empty handed.”

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (8)

The next morning Autumn and I got up for school.While we got dressed,Autumn was singing away. She was still in a very good mood.I told her that I wish,I could be as happy as she is,right now.
Autumn laughed,”You’ll be happy,in a couple of years.”
I said.”What do you mean by that?”
Autumn laughed again.”You’ll find out,what I’m talking about later.
We finished getting ready for school.Looked at the clock,and it was time to leave.
On the way to school,we caught up with a friend of ours Karen.We all were talking about the crazy things,that happened in school.We were all laughing so hard,that we had tears in our eyes.
When we arrived at school,I went inside. I left Karen out front,they were still talking about all the crazy things,that happened in school,this year. As I was opening the door,I noticed Ned walking up to Autumn.Karen started to walk into the building. When I closed the door,I could see Ned and Autumn talking.It looked like she was yelling at him.
After school,I walked out in front of the school.I waited for Autumn,but she didn’t show. Maybe she had to stay after class.I went back in the building to her home room. Mrs. Blink was their,so I asked her if Autumn had to stay after school. Mrs. Blink looked at me in surprise.Autumn didn’t come to school today. Yes she did,We walked together here. I left her out front talking to Ned Brisk.Well I’m sorry Faith,she wasn’t in home room this morning. Thank you, Mrs. Blink,she’s probably home already.
So I walked home by myself,I couldn’t figure this out. Where would she go? I just hope she beat me home.
When I got home,I walked in. My mother was in the kitchen.” Where’s your sister?”my mother asked. I was going to ask you the same question. I didn’t see her after school. I thought she beat me home,which was odd.
“Well you better go back out and find her. If anyone know where she’s at,it would be you.”
I’ll go look at a couple of places,but I wouldn’t know why she didn’t come home.
My mother said,”Just go,” find her, and bring her back.”

The Sister,That I Thought, I Knew (7)

The next morning,which was Thursday.We both,got up and went to school.On the way out the yelled,”Now you both come straight home.”
Autumn slammed the front door.She said,”Let’s get out of this place.”
After we arrived at school,Autumn said,”Faith,I’ll meet you out here,in the front of the school.After we get out of school,then we’ll walk over grand moms.”
“Okay Autumn,see you then.”
When school let out,that afternoon. Autumn and I walked over to grand moms house. Grand mom,was glad to see us,I meant Autumn. Grand mom was Dad’s mother,and for some reason,she favored Autumn.Maybe because Autumn favored dads side.
Any way,we went into grand-moms,I sat in the living room. Autumn and Grand mom, went into the kitchen. They were talking low for a good while.Then Autumn and Grand mom came out from the kitchen.We both kissed her good-by,and left.
When we got out side,Autumn said,”Lets get a hot dog and soda,over at the corner store.” I know Grand mom gives Autumn money when we go over to see her. So I didn’t ask her where the money came from.
Autumn was in a good mood,after we left grand moms.She talked to me like everything is okay.I knew different.
We went back home after we ate,it was around the same time. If we had a full day.When we walked into the door at the house. Mom said,”I hope you girls,have learned a lesson?” We both answered, ”Yes Mom!”
The rest of the night,everything went fine.We all set down,and ate dinner together.Then after wards,Autumn and I washed and dried the dishes.Maxwell was sitting in the living room watching t.v. So we both went in the living room and played with Maxwell. Until it was time for all of us to go to bed.

The Sister,That I Thought I Knew (6)

Autumn told Ned,”You might be afraid of my mother,but I’m not.”If that’s the way you feel about it. That’s fine with me! I’ll fine another guy,that really loves me,and isn’t afraid to see me.”
I said,”I’m sorry to hear that,maybe,it’s for the best.”
Autumn said,”I don’t know about the best part.But I’m sick and tired of mom,telling me,where I can go. Who I can or cannot see.I’m sixteen years old,I have my own mind.”
But Autumn,”We are still under mom’s roof,I’m only fifteen,and your sixteen.”
“Well,I’m going to try to do sometime about it.Chadwick can do what he wants.He even quit didn’t say anything to him. Because he is a boy!
Isn’t that what she tells us girls all the time?”
“Your right Autumn! But things should change when we get older’”
“I have to figure something out.I hate going back home,and listen to mom holler at us girls.We haven’t done anything wrong. She should be hollering at Chadwick,but no,that’s her favorite. So she let’s him do want he wants,all the time.(Because he’s a boy!)
When we arrived home,Mom said,”you both get upstairs in your room.When supper is ready,I’ll call you both down.”
When supper was ready,she called us down.Little Maxwell was sitting at the table,with a big smile on his face. He was glad to see us. I thought.”At least somebody is glad to see us.”
We all sat down and ate. Mom didn’t say anything to us. After we ate,I wash the dishes,and Autumn dried them.
After we were finished,mom said,”Now you both get back upstairs. I don’t want to see or hear, neither one of you, until tomorrow,now get upstairs

The Sister,That I Thought, I Knew (5)

Autumn seen mom,and she knew she was in trouble.As Autumn walked down the steps,Mom yelled, “Wait until both of you girls get home.
My sister and I had tears in our eyes,as we were walking. Mom was yelling and yelling,at us the whole walk home.
When we arrived home,mom got her belt out,and beat us both with it. She kept saying,”after I’m finished,you girls,won’t ever lie to me again.”We were both screaming and hollering,”Mom stop.”Little Maxwell,was crying,he didn’t know why this was happening. So he was crying with us,and for us.
After mom was done,she said,”Now both of you girls,get upstairs,and get to bed. You know you have school tomorrow.”
The next morning,Autumn and I got up and prepare ourselves for school.Mom was downstairs, still talking about last night.
When we came down stairs,mom said,”Both of you girls better come straight home.”
Both of us grabbed our books.We didn’t have to many,because it was near the end of the school year. “
Tests start on Monday”,said Autumn
I know! I said,as we both walked out the door to walk to school.
“Tomorrow is Wednesday,and we both have half days”. So why don’t we go over to grand mom’s house? Mom doesn’t know we have a half day,said Autumn
I sighed, “After last night,that sounds like a plan.”
When we arrived at school, Autumn went to her home room,and I went to mine.The day went by fast.None of the teachers,gave us homework,we just had to study for the test coming up next week.I heard the last bell,that meant,all classes are over.I walked to my locker,and put the books in that I didn’t need.Then,I walked out of the school,and seen Autumn, talking to Ned.
I said,Autumn,”Are you ready to go home?”
“In a minute,Faith,let me finish talking to Ned.”
I waited until she was finished,and then we started walking back home again.
Autumn said,”I told Ned what happened last night.He couldn’t believe it!
Ned told Autumn,that it would be better,if they didn’t see each other for a while.”

The Sister,That I Thought , I Knew (4)

As the years went by,almost all of us, got our schooling under our belts. Chadwick,wouldn’t show up for school,half the time. Finally,he quit school,and continued chasing girls. Of course staying out all night.

Autumn was fifteen,when she lost interest in school. She had boys on her mind. Once in a while, mom would let Autumn and I go to the school dance. One night,Autumn met this new guy,at the dance.
His name was Ned,and they became good friends. Ned and Autumn,would dance all night,if you would let them.

One night after the dance,Ned wanted to walk us home.I told Ned,he must be crazy,because our mother wouldn’t let us go to the dance again.So Ned walked us half way home. Him and Autumn,were walking in front of me holding hands.I guess they were in love.
Anyway,Autumn and I usually go to the library,twice a week. To do research for school. Since her and Ned were in love.We told our mother a lie,that we had a big test coming up.So we had to go three times a week. My mother didn’t like it. She told both of us,we better not be lying. I might stop at the library and check on you both.

I told Autumn that we’re going to get in trouble. Because that extra day,she wanted to go over to Ned’s house.”She not going to catch us”said Autumn.

Any way,we were sneaking over to Ned’s house for about two weeks.On the third week, while I was standing outside right in front of Ned’s house waiting for Autumn. Here comes our mother,walking down the sidewalk,with Maxwell. She came up to me and hollered,”So this is the way you both go to the library? Where is Autumn at?”
“In there mom”
“Well,get your ass up their,and tell her it’s time to come home.”NOW!”

I knocked on the door and Ned’s mother answered it.I told her my mother is here,and she wants us both to go home.”
“Your sister’s not here.” 
“Yes she is,she’s upstairs,doing her homework with Ned.
Ned’s mother yelled up the stairs for Autumn,and she flew down the steps.”Autumn, your mother is outside.”
Ned’s mother, yelled for Ned,as Autumn walked out the door.

The Sister,That I Thought, I Knew (3)

When we notice mom and dad,started arguing. Then it seemed,like it was all the time. We over heard dad,tell mom.”Well you wanted more kids,not me!”

Not long after that,dad packed his bags. I think mom helped him.He moved out,and he didn’t come back.

Months later,we heard that he moved to Ohio,with his girlfriend. The buzz was about,she was having a baby.

My mother was left with taking care of us four children.To this day,I don’t know, how she managed to raise all four of us by herself. It really had to be hard, for her.But she managed,to do it all by herself,and I’m proud of her.

We all had a good days and our bad days.The great things that we had, was a lot of love.Also a roof over our heads.and a good hot meal,everyday.

Five years passed,and mom and dad,got a divorce.All of us kids were sad,we didn’t know what divorce meant.But we knew,all the good times,we had as a family was over.No more summer trips,no more sitting down at the kitchen table.Having a meal together,every night,as a whole family

This just left a void,in all of our hearts.Mom didn’t mention it at all,but we knew she felt it also.

Months later,she told all of us. That it wasn’t our fault, that your father left. Just always remember,that he loves you all. Mom must of felt,that we all blamed ourselves,for him leaving.

My oldest brother Chadwick,was taking it very hard.He didn’t say anything,he kept everything to himself.Him and our dad,were very close,they use to do a lot of things together.Before you knew it,Chadwick, was acting out.He gave mom a hard time,because he didn’t want to go to school. Mom threaten him,if he didn’t go to school.She was going to put him in a school,for boys that don’t listen to their parents.I knew and Chadwick knew,she wouldn’t do it. Because he was the first born,and her favorite.

“The SisterThat,I Thought, I Knew” (2)

We were a close-knit family. Both my parents,were very strict, with all of us.We had better,finished all our chores. If not,we would get the belt,which we all were afraid of.My brother tried his darn-est,to get out of his chores.  Sometimes,he succeeded, because he would always say, ”This is girls work”   No matter what Autumn and I said,didn’t matter.My mother said, she cooked and washed clothes all week. The least we could do on the weekend is help clean the house.  I have to laugh thinking back,Autumn and I hated,cleaning all the Venetian blinds.We both said ,that ,when we had our own house. Their wouldn’t be any blinds on our windows.

The whole family,loved when summer came around. We use to all pile up in the car,and our father took us all fishing or swimming. Some times we would have a picnic,and eat and play,until it got dark.

I remember one summer,we all went swimming.My father was cut real bad,on his arm. I think it was caused by a broken tree limb,in the water.There was blood all over…to this day. I won’t go into the water by myself,it frighten me that bad.

My mother was sick,she made an appointment with the doctor.She didn’t tell us what the doctor told her.But we found out much later.That we were going to have another brother or sister.Before long,mom went into the hospital. Her and dad,came home with our new brother. They named him Maxwell Muffle.

Autumn and I just loved little Maxwell..He had curly blond hair,with big blue eyes. We took turns,helping mom with him. He was a good baby,we would give him a bath,and feed him.Then he would fall asleep,until,he got hungry again.

My parents said,they would have to get a bigger house.The neighbor Joe,heard about it,and he told dad. That a family is moving out of a three bedroom house. Just four blocks away,they are moving back to their hometown,in California.

Within a month,we were moved into our new house.Everything was going great,at least my siblings,and I thought so.

” The Sister,That I Thought, I Knew “

On a cold afternoon in November,the year was 1960. I remember my mother putting on my leggings, gloves,hat and boots. I was so happy. I was going outside and play in the backyard.When I was playing,it didn’t matter how hot or cold it got.As long as I, could be outside. My brother and sister,were in the house playing. They didn’t like the cold at all.Neither one of them,wanted,any parts of the cold.I didn’t care,I was happy.

I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania,called Flint, pop.1200 In the center of town,there is a business district,the post office,grocery store,and other small businesses. We have an elementary  school,that is a couples blocks,from the firehouse. The middle and high school,is in the next, much larger town called Blunt.

We lived in an old house on the corner of Vixen Street. My father Claude,who is slim, 5’7” with black hair,cut as a man’s haircut.He has brown eyes,and he always has a stern looked on his face.He worked for the post office.

My mother Paula, is a homemaker. Mom was always cleaning,or in the kitchen,cooking us something good to eat.

She is short,and chubby,with shoulder length reddish-brown hair,and always wears it in a bun. She stayed home and took care of us kids.

My brother Chadwick,,who’s a carbon copy of our father.

My sister Autumn,has the same color of hair,and eyes like mom. But she’s 5’7” and slender,and looks like our father.

My name is Faith,I’m the youngest,5’2”,with long light brown hair,slender,and I have blue eyes.

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