Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

“Family Waves” (30)

Couple of weeks passed,and Joni and Morgan’s parents came home.The girls gave their parents a big hug and kiss.and said ,we missed you both.
“That’s sweet of you girls.” their mother said. “By the way!”,their father said,”How did your little party go?” At the same time,the two girls asked nervously, “How do you know?” Kristin and Linda’s mother,knew we were going away for two weeks. When they asked to spend the night,and they said we were home. Their mother asked around,and found out about the Halloween party. So she called your mother about the party. Your mother assured her,that they were confident,Jonie could handle the situation.
“Thanks mom and dad!” Both parents agreed,they better ask next time.

Everybody went to bed early,the parents had to get up early and go back to work. Joni had to do the same thing. And of course Morgan had to get up in the morning and go to school.

The following morning while everyone was getting ready for their day. Joni and Morgan’s dad was reading the newspaper.

He asked if anyone knew Sandy Heets?

Joni looked upset, ”Yes, I do dad! Sandy and I ride the train together,when we go to work.
“I hate to tell you this honey, but I just read. She was found last night, strangled, and left in a alley——next to a pizza shop.”

“The End”


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