Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

“Family Waves” (29)

Sunday morning when I woke up, Sandy was still on my mind. I called her again. But the phone just rang and rang, a recording came on. (leave a message) I left her a message this time, and ask her to call me. I even left my number for her. The day passed, there wasn’t any return call.

Monday, I didn’t see Sandy at the train station.

I called her cell again, but the answer machine came on again. I was afraid for her because I haven’t heard anything from Sandy, since Saturday night of the party.

After I got done work ,the first thing I was gone to do, when I got home. Was, do what I wanted to do Saturday night, call the police and report her missing.

When I got home, Morgan wasn’t their, she is probably over Kristin’s house.

I then called the police and reported Sandy missing. I told the police officer, what she looked like,and I didn’t know where she lived. Because we weren’t that close, Sandy never told me. I went on to explain, how we met.

The policeman on the phone said, “Maybe she took off with her boyfriend?” “No I don’t think so ! “ Joni answered”. The last time I talked to her on the phone. Sandy said she met her ex at the place where she worked before, which is called, Barrow’s. He wanted to talk to her. She did say it wasn’t far from the pizza shop, where I was suppose to meet her.Sandy really seemed scared of him, because she said,he was acting crazy.

“All right!” the police said. “You gave me a description of her. Tell me again what her full name is.” Her name is Sandy Heets.

Okay! the police officer said! “We’ll do a backup check on this Sandy Heets”.

“Officer!” “ Before I hang up,I don’t know if this will help.

“The same night I was waiting for Sandy in front of the pizza shop,she didn’t show up, so I call her on her cell phone:450-334-6616 the answer machine came on. I left a message for her.

Afterwards while walking home a man in a mid-size blue automobile— stopped me and asked me for directions. When I got closer to the car, to give him the directions, he sprayed mace in my face. I couldn’t see very good, but I ran to the nearest place of business,and they called the police. Maybe he has something to do with Sandy’s disappearance? “

“Lady!” the officer said, “Like I said we’ll check this out”.


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