Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

” Family Waves ” (27)

By now Henry and Hope were on their way home, as man and wife.

“The weather turn out to be nice for us, Hope said cheerfully I hope when we get home everybody will respect our decision we made. Your parents think, we just went away for the week-end.”

Henry said, “ So, I told them the truth, but not the whole truth.They might be mad, but it was our decision. Don’t worry honey as long as we’re happy, that is all that matters.”

Hope smiled, then she said, ”I know we both accomplished, what we wanted to do for now. We had a nice get -a- way, everything turned out like we wanted.

Henry help Hope with her suitcases. It was about 9:00 p.m. The lights were on in the house. Henry, unlocked the front door, and they both walked in the house. “ Henry yelled,” “Mom and Dad where home”.
“His dad yelled back.” “Come on in ——- We’re in the kitchen.” “Henry laughed”. Mom and Dad, Hope and I just came back from Maryland. The answer before you both ask is yes! WE ELOPED!”
His parents were both shocked .Why the sudden change? “ We were planning on helping you both with the wedding. We know you both need to save for the big move to California. ”said his dad.
“Hope and I both realize that, when we started planning for the wedding. We either could have a big wedding—- or save that money , for when we move to California. So we both decided, we couldn’t put a lot of money out for the wedding. Actually, Hope suggested, that we could elope. I agreed to it. But I told her, when we get settled,we will have a big second wedding——-if she wanted one..
Hope agreed with Henry, she said, “This isn’t going to change the love Henry and I have for each other. Henry gave Hope a big hug and kiss,that’s my wife.

Now can Hope and I go upstairs? Hope and I would like to unpack,and we both are going to bed early we had a long day. I said,”Aren’t you both going to eat something first?”
Mom, no thanks, we both ate before we left Maryland.

Good night both of you and congratulations, we both said.


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