Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

“Family Waves” (26)

Joni was still waiting for Sandy , she was freezing. I’ll give her five more minutes,(she said to herself) then I’ll call her. Five minutes was up, so I called Sandy on her cell phone. But it rang and rang, then the answer machine kicked in. I left her a message and told her that I was going home.
It was really dark out here tonight,( she thought) nobody was out walking, its just creepy. She was crossing a street,when a car stopped. The guy, in the driver seat said he is going to a friends party. But he is lost, “Do you know where Burn’s street is?” She got closer to the car to give him directions,when he sprayed something in Jonie face. She could hardly see….she started running into a nearby grocery store for help. When she went in the store,and asked the cashier to call the police. Joni was scared stiff…. she couldn’t believe,she was almost abducted. By a man who asked for direction. He was driving a med-size blue car, he sprayed mace in my face.
When Linda came back in the house,she said, to Morgan “When is your sister Joni coming home”? It is really dark out ,darker than it usually is. I bet the street lights were broken out by hoodlums,that didn’t have anything better to do.”
Joni said, she would be coming home shortly. .Because she is giving Sandy a few more minutes,answered Morgan.
They all finished cleaning the mess up from the party. Afterward they went upstairs to watch a little T.v. While they were waiting for Joni to come home.They were all talking about how great the party turned out,considering this was their first party ever. The telephone rang and it startled them,it was Joni,she said, she was at the police station giving her statement to the police. Afterward when they are done, a officer said he would drive her home. “Well what in the heck are you doing their?” said Morgan
It’s a long story,I’ll let you know everything when I come home,then she hung up.


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