Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

“Family Waves” (25)

Joni waited for a half hour and Sandy was no-show yet .She called Morgan on her cell and told her where she was.

Morgan said, ”I thought you were upstairs…..actually thought you were coming down in the basement to meet my friends. They are ready to leave, we all had a good time. A few dressed up for Halloween.

Joni said, “I’m going to wait ten more minutes, if Sandy doesn’t show up I’ll be home.
Make sure Kristin and Linda stay in the house. Tell your friends also to be careful going home because it is really dark outside, some of the street lights are out. “I will” Morgan answered,” after everyone leaves,we’ll going to clean up.”

Linda had already started to clean up. She had a big trash bag filled with empty soda bottles and other trash. Kristin and Morgan were talking about the guy in their math class, his name is Ned. “He is really cute” Kristin said, “I’m surprise he came to our party because he seems very shy in class.”
“I know” answered Morgan, “He didn’t seem very shy tonight, he was asking all the girls to dance with him.
Yes! “He asked me to dance with him ,“answered Kristin. “ Me also” said Morgan.
“He is such a good dancer, he sure fooled me.” “ Me also! “ Kristin said.

Linda was listening to their conversations, she said, “Well he didn’t ask me!.
“I can’t wait to have my own party. I had a good time,but I would have felt better with my own friends.”

Morgan and Kristin continued talking about the party.They were yakking about who Rocks and who doesn’t, while they both were cleaning up. They didn’t notice Linda when she went out the basement door with a trash bag that was filled.


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