Jean Alphin


“Family Waves ” (24)

Nobody heard Joni go out. She had a call from a friend ,that was very important.

Her name was Sandy, and she had a fight with her boyfriend,and needed Joni’s help.

Sandy ask her to meet her down the street at the pizza shop. Sandy said that she’ll be standing in front,if not, just wait for me. I’m making this call from the ladies room. Jeff called me, and asked me to meet him in the bar at my old place of employment,which is called, Barrow.
Barrow’s, isn’t far from the pizza shop. He said he wanted us to talk and straighten things out. So I told him I would meet him there. I thought maybe after this he would leave me alone.

Boy was I wrong, again !

I don’t think, I was there, more than ten minutes. When Jeff started yelling and screaming at me.
After I told him…..He was mistaken….. I definitely wasn’t going to go back with him. We could just stay friends.
If we weren’t in public, he would of hit me again, like he did before.

I said,”Why don’t I call the police?”

I’m gonna try and get away from him. Please wait for me. Jonie, I’m so scared.
Before she hung up,she made me promise, that I wouldn’t call the police.
Sandy said,it would only make things worst.
I wanted to call the police,but I promised Sandy,I wouldn’t.

Joni hurried and got dress, she didn’t know Sandy that long, but she sounded like she was in real trouble. I promised that I would help her if I could.
Joni was the type to try and help anyone who needed help.

She didn’t have time to tell Morgan she was going out, besides the party was loud with music and people having a good time. I’ll be back before she even knows, I’m going.

Joni walked down to the Pizza shop which was about two and a half blocks,from her house.


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