Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

“Family Waves” (23)

Three days before the party, Morgan’s parents left for their two week vacation at the “Outer Banks”.

“We all stayed there before, we had a good time. The friends they met there invited them back to stay with them for a couple of weeks. Their friends lived there year around. So they both jumped at the opportunity, said Morgan.”

Morgan thought ,”Now we have the house to ourselves”. Next morning, Jonie went to work, Morgan went to school.
Morgan and Kristin were both, excited about the party coming in a couple of days. ”This was their first party, “everything we planned was coming together, said Kristin.

(The day of the party)

Kristin and Linda had their things already packed for the sleep-over. They said good by to their mother, and grabbed their belonging. Their mother said, “Don’t forget to call me when you get there.”
The girls walked a couple of blocks over to Morgan’s house.
Linda started to knock on the door. Before she had a chance, Morgan opened it.. Morgan said, “ I’ve been watching at the window for you both.. “
I just finished sweeping, the kitchen. I dropped a bag of pretzels, all over the floor.”

Kristin, called her mother. “Mom we just got here, everything is o.k! “Alright” “Say hello to Morgan’s parents for me, and make sure you watch your sister, “I will Mom, Love You. “

Kristin said , “ Linda, I hope Mom doesn’t find out that Morgan’s parents aren’t here.” Linda smiled,if mom does find out,we’ll in big trouble.

The party was set for seven p.m.-nine p.m., it was already five o’clock..

Both girls put their personal things in the extra bedroom where Morgan pointed out.

Next they went down in the basement where Morgan and Kristin put everything they needed for their party.

Morgan, put on the radio, and Ciara Feat, was singing, ”Work”

That’s a great song, to get us started, Morgan said ,gleefully .

All the girls started dancing around singing..

Getting in the mood for their party.

They all started decorating the basement, having a ball doing so. When they were almost finish, they heard Joni come in the door.

Joni yelled down stairs, “Do you girls need any help?”

Morgan answered ,”No thanks! “ “We are almost finished !”
We’ll be coming up soon, to get the refreshments, because it is almost six-thirty, the party starts at seven

Jonie answered,” If you need my help, anything , just yell upstairs I’ll be in my bedroom.

Everything was now set up in the basement. We just had to wait for all the people that we invited. I told everyone to come to the side of the house, and knock on the door. It takes you down to the basement.
Around seven-fifteen we heard real hard taps on the door. I answered it, Rachael and her boyfriend Rob ,were the first to arrive. Rachael, was dressed has a, witch.
Rob was dressed as a super-hero.

Within a half hour the basement was lively, with my friends dancing and just having a great time.


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