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I enjoyed,very much writing,”Family Waves.”

I would love to hear your feedback about,this short story.

If you don’t already know, I’m writing another short story called.”Carree”

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“Family Waves” (30)

Couple of weeks passed,and Joni and Morgan’s parents came home.The girls gave their parents a big hug and kiss.and said ,we missed you both.
“That’s sweet of you girls.” their mother said. “By the way!”,their father said,”How did your little party go?” At the same time,the two girls asked nervously, “How do you know?” Kristin and Linda’s mother,knew we were going away for two weeks. When they asked to spend the night,and they said we were home. Their mother asked around,and found out about the Halloween party. So she called your mother about the party. Your mother assured her,that they were confident,Jonie could handle the situation.
“Thanks mom and dad!” Both parents agreed,they better ask next time.

Everybody went to bed early,the parents had to get up early and go back to work. Joni had to do the same thing. And of course Morgan had to get up in the morning and go to school.

The following morning while everyone was getting ready for their day. Joni and Morgan’s dad was reading the newspaper.

He asked if anyone knew Sandy Heets?

Joni looked upset, ”Yes, I do dad! Sandy and I ride the train together,when we go to work.
“I hate to tell you this honey, but I just read. She was found last night, strangled, and left in a alley——next to a pizza shop.”

“The End”

“Family Waves” (29)

Sunday morning when I woke up, Sandy was still on my mind. I called her again. But the phone just rang and rang, a recording came on. (leave a message) I left her a message this time, and ask her to call me. I even left my number for her. The day passed, there wasn’t any return call.

Monday, I didn’t see Sandy at the train station.

I called her cell again, but the answer machine came on again. I was afraid for her because I haven’t heard anything from Sandy, since Saturday night of the party.

After I got done work ,the first thing I was gone to do, when I got home. Was, do what I wanted to do Saturday night, call the police and report her missing.

When I got home, Morgan wasn’t their, she is probably over Kristin’s house.

I then called the police and reported Sandy missing. I told the police officer, what she looked like,and I didn’t know where she lived. Because we weren’t that close, Sandy never told me. I went on to explain, how we met.

The policeman on the phone said, “Maybe she took off with her boyfriend?” “No I don’t think so ! “ Joni answered”. The last time I talked to her on the phone. Sandy said she met her ex at the place where she worked before, which is called, Barrow’s. He wanted to talk to her. She did say it wasn’t far from the pizza shop, where I was suppose to meet her.Sandy really seemed scared of him, because she said,he was acting crazy.

“All right!” the police said. “You gave me a description of her. Tell me again what her full name is.” Her name is Sandy Heets.

Okay! the police officer said! “We’ll do a backup check on this Sandy Heets”.

“Officer!” “ Before I hang up,I don’t know if this will help.

“The same night I was waiting for Sandy in front of the pizza shop,she didn’t show up, so I call her on her cell phone:450-334-6616 the answer machine came on. I left a message for her.

Afterwards while walking home a man in a mid-size blue automobile— stopped me and asked me for directions. When I got closer to the car, to give him the directions, he sprayed mace in my face. I couldn’t see very good, but I ran to the nearest place of business,and they called the police. Maybe he has something to do with Sandy’s disappearance? “

“Lady!” the officer said, “Like I said we’ll check this out”.

“Family Waves” (28)

Around 11:45p.m. The police car pull up in front of Joni’s house.

All three girls were looking out the window, when they seen a car pull up. Jonie got out of the car and went into the house. The girls couldn’t wait to hear what happen to Joni. Once Joni came inside,she sat down and started to tell them all what happened.
I got a call from a friend ,her name is Sandy. She was telling me on the train where we both met. That her boyfriend was abusing her. She wanted to get away from him, but she was afraid. And I told her if she ever needed my help anytime call me, then I gave her my cell number.
Sandy called around seven-thirty tonight,and ask me to meet her in front of the pizza parlor. She asked me to wait for her,because she is trying to get rid of him.
Anyway,I went to the pizza parlor and waited quite a while for her and she never came.

So I got tired of waiting, it was getting darker and colder. I called her on her cell phone but the answer machine came on.
I left a message and told her I was walking home. Because it was too cold to wait any longer.
Then I started walking home, and this car pull in front of me while I was crossing the street. The man in the car asked me for directions . When I started to walk closer to him, he sprayed mace in my face —– I was stunned. I couldn’t see that well ,but I started running,to get away from him. I ran to the nearest business that I seen was opened, and they called the police for me.She also said the police checked the area and they didn’t see a car like she described. Which was a mid-size blue car.

” Family Waves ” (27)

By now Henry and Hope were on their way home, as man and wife.

“The weather turn out to be nice for us, Hope said cheerfully I hope when we get home everybody will respect our decision we made. Your parents think, we just went away for the week-end.”

Henry said, “ So, I told them the truth, but not the whole truth.They might be mad, but it was our decision. Don’t worry honey as long as we’re happy, that is all that matters.”

Hope smiled, then she said, ”I know we both accomplished, what we wanted to do for now. We had a nice get -a- way, everything turned out like we wanted.

Henry help Hope with her suitcases. It was about 9:00 p.m. The lights were on in the house. Henry, unlocked the front door, and they both walked in the house. “ Henry yelled,” “Mom and Dad where home”.
“His dad yelled back.” “Come on in ——- We’re in the kitchen.” “Henry laughed”. Mom and Dad, Hope and I just came back from Maryland. The answer before you both ask is yes! WE ELOPED!”
His parents were both shocked .Why the sudden change? “ We were planning on helping you both with the wedding. We know you both need to save for the big move to California. ”said his dad.
“Hope and I both realize that, when we started planning for the wedding. We either could have a big wedding—- or save that money , for when we move to California. So we both decided, we couldn’t put a lot of money out for the wedding. Actually, Hope suggested, that we could elope. I agreed to it. But I told her, when we get settled,we will have a big second wedding——-if she wanted one..
Hope agreed with Henry, she said, “This isn’t going to change the love Henry and I have for each other. Henry gave Hope a big hug and kiss,that’s my wife.

Now can Hope and I go upstairs? Hope and I would like to unpack,and we both are going to bed early we had a long day. I said,”Aren’t you both going to eat something first?”
Mom, no thanks, we both ate before we left Maryland.

Good night both of you and congratulations, we both said.

“Family Waves” (26)

Joni was still waiting for Sandy , she was freezing. I’ll give her five more minutes,(she said to herself) then I’ll call her. Five minutes was up, so I called Sandy on her cell phone. But it rang and rang, then the answer machine kicked in. I left her a message and told her that I was going home.
It was really dark out here tonight,( she thought) nobody was out walking, its just creepy. She was crossing a street,when a car stopped. The guy, in the driver seat said he is going to a friends party. But he is lost, “Do you know where Burn’s street is?” She got closer to the car to give him directions,when he sprayed something in Jonie face. She could hardly see….she started running into a nearby grocery store for help. When she went in the store,and asked the cashier to call the police. Joni was scared stiff…. she couldn’t believe,she was almost abducted. By a man who asked for direction. He was driving a med-size blue car, he sprayed mace in my face.
When Linda came back in the house,she said, to Morgan “When is your sister Joni coming home”? It is really dark out ,darker than it usually is. I bet the street lights were broken out by hoodlums,that didn’t have anything better to do.”
Joni said, she would be coming home shortly. .Because she is giving Sandy a few more minutes,answered Morgan.
They all finished cleaning the mess up from the party. Afterward they went upstairs to watch a little T.v. While they were waiting for Joni to come home.They were all talking about how great the party turned out,considering this was their first party ever. The telephone rang and it startled them,it was Joni,she said, she was at the police station giving her statement to the police. Afterward when they are done, a officer said he would drive her home. “Well what in the heck are you doing their?” said Morgan
It’s a long story,I’ll let you know everything when I come home,then she hung up.

“Family Waves” (25)

Joni waited for a half hour and Sandy was no-show yet .She called Morgan on her cell and told her where she was.

Morgan said, ”I thought you were upstairs…..actually thought you were coming down in the basement to meet my friends. They are ready to leave, we all had a good time. A few dressed up for Halloween.

Joni said, “I’m going to wait ten more minutes, if Sandy doesn’t show up I’ll be home.
Make sure Kristin and Linda stay in the house. Tell your friends also to be careful going home because it is really dark outside, some of the street lights are out. “I will” Morgan answered,” after everyone leaves,we’ll going to clean up.”

Linda had already started to clean up. She had a big trash bag filled with empty soda bottles and other trash. Kristin and Morgan were talking about the guy in their math class, his name is Ned. “He is really cute” Kristin said, “I’m surprise he came to our party because he seems very shy in class.”
“I know” answered Morgan, “He didn’t seem very shy tonight, he was asking all the girls to dance with him.
Yes! “He asked me to dance with him ,“answered Kristin. “ Me also” said Morgan.
“He is such a good dancer, he sure fooled me.” “ Me also! “ Kristin said.

Linda was listening to their conversations, she said, “Well he didn’t ask me!.
“I can’t wait to have my own party. I had a good time,but I would have felt better with my own friends.”

Morgan and Kristin continued talking about the party.They were yakking about who Rocks and who doesn’t, while they both were cleaning up. They didn’t notice Linda when she went out the basement door with a trash bag that was filled.

“Family Waves ” (24)

Nobody heard Joni go out. She had a call from a friend ,that was very important.

Her name was Sandy, and she had a fight with her boyfriend,and needed Joni’s help.

Sandy ask her to meet her down the street at the pizza shop. Sandy said that she’ll be standing in front,if not, just wait for me. I’m making this call from the ladies room. Jeff called me, and asked me to meet him in the bar at my old place of employment,which is called, Barrow.
Barrow’s, isn’t far from the pizza shop. He said he wanted us to talk and straighten things out. So I told him I would meet him there. I thought maybe after this he would leave me alone.

Boy was I wrong, again !

I don’t think, I was there, more than ten minutes. When Jeff started yelling and screaming at me.
After I told him…..He was mistaken….. I definitely wasn’t going to go back with him. We could just stay friends.
If we weren’t in public, he would of hit me again, like he did before.

I said,”Why don’t I call the police?”

I’m gonna try and get away from him. Please wait for me. Jonie, I’m so scared.
Before she hung up,she made me promise, that I wouldn’t call the police.
Sandy said,it would only make things worst.
I wanted to call the police,but I promised Sandy,I wouldn’t.

Joni hurried and got dress, she didn’t know Sandy that long, but she sounded like she was in real trouble. I promised that I would help her if I could.
Joni was the type to try and help anyone who needed help.

She didn’t have time to tell Morgan she was going out, besides the party was loud with music and people having a good time. I’ll be back before she even knows, I’m going.

Joni walked down to the Pizza shop which was about two and a half blocks,from her house.

“Family Waves” (23)

Three days before the party, Morgan’s parents left for their two week vacation at the “Outer Banks”.

“We all stayed there before, we had a good time. The friends they met there invited them back to stay with them for a couple of weeks. Their friends lived there year around. So they both jumped at the opportunity, said Morgan.”

Morgan thought ,”Now we have the house to ourselves”. Next morning, Jonie went to work, Morgan went to school.
Morgan and Kristin were both, excited about the party coming in a couple of days. ”This was their first party, “everything we planned was coming together, said Kristin.

(The day of the party)

Kristin and Linda had their things already packed for the sleep-over. They said good by to their mother, and grabbed their belonging. Their mother said, “Don’t forget to call me when you get there.”
The girls walked a couple of blocks over to Morgan’s house.
Linda started to knock on the door. Before she had a chance, Morgan opened it.. Morgan said, “ I’ve been watching at the window for you both.. “
I just finished sweeping, the kitchen. I dropped a bag of pretzels, all over the floor.”

Kristin, called her mother. “Mom we just got here, everything is o.k! “Alright” “Say hello to Morgan’s parents for me, and make sure you watch your sister, “I will Mom, Love You. “

Kristin said , “ Linda, I hope Mom doesn’t find out that Morgan’s parents aren’t here.” Linda smiled,if mom does find out,we’ll in big trouble.

The party was set for seven p.m.-nine p.m., it was already five o’clock..

Both girls put their personal things in the extra bedroom where Morgan pointed out.

Next they went down in the basement where Morgan and Kristin put everything they needed for their party.

Morgan, put on the radio, and Ciara Feat, was singing, ”Work”

That’s a great song, to get us started, Morgan said ,gleefully .

All the girls started dancing around singing..

Getting in the mood for their party.

They all started decorating the basement, having a ball doing so. When they were almost finish, they heard Joni come in the door.

Joni yelled down stairs, “Do you girls need any help?”

Morgan answered ,”No thanks! “ “We are almost finished !”
We’ll be coming up soon, to get the refreshments, because it is almost six-thirty, the party starts at seven

Jonie answered,” If you need my help, anything , just yell upstairs I’ll be in my bedroom.

Everything was now set up in the basement. We just had to wait for all the people that we invited. I told everyone to come to the side of the house, and knock on the door. It takes you down to the basement.
Around seven-fifteen we heard real hard taps on the door. I answered it, Rachael and her boyfriend Rob ,were the first to arrive. Rachael, was dressed has a, witch.
Rob was dressed as a super-hero.

Within a half hour the basement was lively, with my friends dancing and just having a great time.

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