Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

“Family Waves” (22)

(The Big Escape)

Henry and Hope told everyone that they were paying for the wedding. Henry said, “Everyone is having enough problems, the way the economy is.”
“When they both, started planning for the wedding, they tallied everything up. Hope said, “It looks like either have the wedding, or save the money for the big move.
“It doesn’t matter to me,” said Hope.
Henry said, “This isn’t fair for you or I.”
“Well, we either can cancel the wedding for right now,or we can elope tomorrow. Which is Halloween.” said hope. Henry answered, ‘If that is what you want to do.”
Hope said, ”Later when we get straighten out, we can have a church wedding .” “It isn’t fair to you !“ Henry said ,
”I’m perfectly fine with these plans,answered,Hope.”As long as we’ll be together as man and wife, then they kissed.”

They both made plans for the next morning,to get up early and drive to Elkton, Maryland. The marriage capital of the east coast.
The next morning Hope was humming as she put on her Sunday’s best. It was about 6:00a.m. She text Henry, ask him, if he was ready,for the big escape. Henry text back, maybe ten minutes later. He text: just got out of the shower, will pick you up around 7.

Around 7, Henry pull up in front of Hopes house,Hope got in the car. Henry said, “Good Morning. you look just adorable” and they kissed.
They both were in a cheerful mood. Ready to take that long ride to Maryland.
Hope said,”I can’t wait to see the look on every bodies face. When we tell them we eloped.” Henry just laughed,”it couldn’t get more exciting than this,” as they were driving out of town.


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