Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

“Family Waves” (21)

(Aunt Doris)

Monday morning was busy at work,a couple of customers came in that I knew from the old place. They told me they moved away from this region,about five years ago.
The wife Marge, is from North Florida, her father died four years ago. Marge and her husband moved there to help Marge’s mother with her dad. Her mother has been sickly after he died, and they couldn’t take care of all her needs. So they had no choice but put her in a nursing home.
We’re here to take care of the loose ends of selling her house .

The rest of the week was fairly busy, it sure felt good to be working again after all this time.
I called mom on the phone, ask her if everything was okay. Mom said, ”she was okay, and ask me about my new job.” “I told her everything is good so far. It really feels good to have money in my pocket, and not just for bills.”

Have you heard from Aunt Doris?
Mom replied, ”she called me yesterday. The girls are both doing just fine! They are both going to spend Halloween night, over at Kristin’s, girlfriend house.
They both stayed before, Morgan’s parents are home at night, everything should be fine.”
Mom and I talked for awhile, we talked about most everything! She was happy when I told her Henry and Hope were getting married soon.
“Henry has a great job waiting for him in California. So they both are very happy.” Mom was happy for them both, she wished they could stay close by.” I told Mom you have to go where the jobs are.” ”Mom I’ll call you soon, Love You, and. take care of yourself.”


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