Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

“Family Waves” (20)

(Good News)

Things were looking up for me.

When Henry ,came home from work Friday. He said ,”at dinner Sunday, Hope and I have an announcement to make
“.Charlie and I said can’t you tell us now? “
No!” he said, ”with a big smile on his face. I want Hope to be here. We both decided to announce the good news before dinner Sunday”. Henry’s father and I said “Come on Sunday” with a laugh.

Sunday came around fast. Before dinner ,Henry and Hope ,announced that they were going to get married next month. Because Henry had a job offer in a renowned hospital in California.
He accepted the job, and Mr. Whitto, who is in charge of Henry’s department said he would wait for us to get settled in our new place.
We are going to have a small wedding with just a few family members.
We plan to be married and settled in our own apartment by the first of the year.
Charlie and I congratulated them both, and we all sat down to eat, and continued to talk about the good news.
The wedding was planned for November tenth, just two weeks before Thanksgiving. After the wedding, they both planned on moving in with us, until they left for California. Which was okay with us both.


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