Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

“Family Waves” (19)

(First day at new job)

Monday morning came by fast, about 9:30 a.m. I got in my car and drove to the diner.

The traffic wasn’t that bad. Which I was glad. No-one knows, when the traffic is going to back up. Many times, when there was an accident close-by. It took me almost forty-five minutes to get to work, at the diner. It wouldn’t be a good sign, if I was late for the first day.
After I parked, I walked inside the diner. Pat, was talking to a customer, who I didn’t know. She called her Terry and said “have a great day come back soon.”

Pat said, “Good Morning” to me, “Are you ready for me to show you around?”
“As ready as I’m going to be! “ I answered.
After she showed me where most things were located at.
Pat, lead me downstairs in the office to meet my new boss.

She knocked on the door, he said, “come in”. I introduce myself, and thanked him for hiring me.
He introduce himself, and said, “ I hope everything works out for you.”

Tom is 5’7”, thin with short black hair.
He looked like one of cooks that use to work here.
“Did you have a brother that worked here before”, I asked ? He said he does, Joe is the one that told me about this place, he knew I was looking to buy a bigger restaurant.
Him and his family is over Greece,staying with family, because our oldest sister is sickly.

Pat said, ”We better get you a work top, so you can go into the bathroom and change.”

“Then I’ll introduce you to the ladies that you will be working with”.

After I changed into my top, Pat, introduce me to Nellie.
Who was in her forties,bright red hair, done up in a bun, she was short and plump.
She has, be working for Tom for about fifteen years.
Next I was introduced to Nancy, who was Nellie’s niece. She was short and plump also like her aunt. But she had long brown hair also in a bun, maybe in her late thirties.
Nancy said, ”I’ve been working with Tom as long as Pat, about seven years.”Do you know who got me this job she chuckled ? My Aunt Nellie!!! “
The third lady on this shift was named Sis, she was tall and thin with dark blonde hair.
Sis, wore her hair, in a ponytail.
She was in her early twenties, she seemed, very friendly like the rest of the girls.

“Alright!” Pat said,” we better get ready for lunch. Who wants to help Jeanine with the lunch menu and prices?”
At the same time, “everyone said me!” Pat said, “lets make it Nellie,she laughed and said, I knew that was a dumb question “.

Lunch was busy and everything went find. After lunch I was asked to work on the floor in a section that Pat gave me by myself. When my shift was up, Pat and the girls said I did good. “Thanks, for helping, everybody, see you all tomorrow,” I answered.

The rest of the week went fine. A few of the customers I knew, when I worked in the restaurant before, were glad to see me back. I was glad to have my old job back
Things were looking up for me.


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