Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

“Family Waves” (18)

(Job Hunting)

The next morning, I checked on the Internet to see if their were any new listings in the job section.

Nope! It looked like the same crap!

I  have an idea,I should check at the diner where I worked before.Who knows they might have a opening.The diner is about one mile from where I live,and if I got my job back it would be a lot closer than the cashier job,which was ten miles from here.

After lunch I got into my car to drive to the diner,to see if there was a opening.

When I arrived at the diner,I sat down at the counter and ordered a cup of coffee.The girls were changing shifts. I didn’t know any of the girls,even the cashier was new.The server asked me if I wanted anything else? ” No thanks” ” I don’t”, but I came here to see if their was an opening. About ten years ago I worked here.”

The server  said , “that I can ask the cashier,her name is Pat”. “Thanks a lot I replied!”

I walked over to Pat , ask her, “ If there was a opening for a server job?” She said, “I believe for day work. You can fill the application out and I’ll see that the owner gets it.” “Thanks!”  “By the way when I worked here before the owner was going to put the business up for sale and retire. I lost contact with them,with me being busy at my new job.
As I look around the diner more,I notice there are a lot of changes.”

Pat said ,”she has been working their for about two years,and she understands that Tom, the new owner has been here for about seven years.”I was told he had another business, he let go all the help that was here. Brought all his own employees from his other business.”

I filled the application out and gave it to Pat.“ “Someone would get in touch with me.”she said. So I finished drinking my coffee and went back home.

About three days later, on a Thursday afternoon. I got a call from Pat,she said,”there was an opening for,eleven to three in the afternoons….. Monday Thur Friday.”

If I wanted the job to come in around ten o’clock Monday morning .So I could get a uniform top, and  the girls could show me the menu with specials of the day. Also show me where everything is.

“Since you know the computer here, being you had excess.  When you worked here before, everything should be find.” said Pat. “I’m sorry” I didn’t even give you a chance to answer if you wanted the job.”

“That’s  alright!” I laughed. “ “My answer is…I’ll be there Monday morning  at  ten o’clock.” 
“That’ll be great, I’ll let my boss know, I have to make the new schedule up Saturday night .”That’s settled” By the way I forgot to tell you, we all wear black slacks and black work shoes.
“I have black slacks,but I have to go to the Mall and buy a pair of work shoes. Thanks for calling Pat, with good news,see you Monday.”

When Charlie came  home from work. I joyfully, told him, I got the job, at the diner.


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