Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

“Family Waves” My Turn (17)

A couple of weeks passed Morgan asked, “Joni if it was o.k. to invite a few friends over for the the Halloween party.”

Joni said,  “  Alright ! “Just a few friends, “their better not be any  problems.”

“There won’t be any ,Morgan promised”. She couldn’t wait to call Kristin ,and tell her the good news.

After telling Kristin the good news,they both made all the arrangements for the party.

Invited some friends from school, the party was in place



Once, I got everything straighten out at home. I decided it’s time to find another job.

The job that I had before was in a department store,and I was employed as a cashier. The economy has been bad for a while.

So they had to let half of the employees go. Before I got a job their,which was about five years ago

I worked as a server,for about fifteen years.I took the job as a cashier in the department store. Because, I wanted to see if I would like something different to do.

At that time being a server was getting old,I thought change was good.

I liked the job at the department store while I was employed.Things changed and I was out of a job.

Better check the Internet and see if their are, any new listings.The newspaper has very little jobs listed, with no new listing. Nothing new on the Internet either, maybe better luck tomorrow.

Charlie just arrived home from work,he walked in the house and said “honey I got the mail”.”Thanks I said, ”supper should be ready in a half hour.

Charlie has been working for a utility company for a long time,it won’t be too long before he retires.That will be nice for him,but since he has worked all his life. It’s going to take him a long time to get adjusted, maybe he can start a hobby.


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