Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

“Family Waves” Hope and her Co-Workers (16)

“Jonie!”  I’m sorry ,I bothered you with my personal life. I just wanted to tell somebody.. I have no family. The friends, I had, Jeff took care of that! “

“ I told Sandy, how I felt bad for her. We exchanged, cell-phone numbers.

I said,” Sandy, I don’t care what time it is, if I can help you in any way, just call.




Back home Henry and Hope were making their plans for the wedding, neither one of them wanted a big wedding.

Just a few family members, nothing big.They wanted to save money for the big move to California,where Henry accepted a job as a doctor. They were both very excited about this.

New surrounding and a new life for both of them.

Hope couldn’t wait until Monday came. To tell her co-workers her great news

The first thing she did,she didn’t even say “Good Morning” when she entered the building where she worked.

She went back to the station where all of her co-workers were sitting and chatting.

Like they did every Monday, chatting about the adventures they each had over the week-end.

Hope couldn’t wait for her turn. She explicitly held her hand up to everyone and her eyes just gleamed, like her sparkling diamond.

Most everyone was envious over her excitement. Hope told them all how astonished she was,when Henry proposed.

They were all happy for her,but when they found out,she was leaving soon after their wedding,in November of this year.

To settle in California with her new husband and new life.They all told her she will be missed, but life moves on.


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