Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

“Family Waves” (14)

(Met a New Friend)

Joni, went upstairs to her room to think. Joni didn’t tell anyone, but she has been getting crazy cell calls,where the caller doesn’t say anything.

Sometimes the caller,will just hang up,when she ask “who is this?”

This nonsense has been going on for about three weeks.

Joni has been feeling like someone is following her, where-ever she may go.

Joni is 23 years old,with shoulder length blond hair, big green eyes,slender with average height.Joni has a out going personality , all her friends, just love her.
Her problem is, her friends don’t live close to her.
She’ll catch the train in the city where she works,and meet up with them after work. Sometimes, they go to a local club,and chat and have a great time,or stop some where to eat,and just chat.

Her friends don’t like the idea of her catching the train to late, when she decides to go home
Once in a while one of her closest girlfriends Mary, will wait until she gets on the train. I’m losing my mind Joni tells Mary. I only get these calls when I’m alone.

It seems right after I get off the train, or I’m half way home.
I get scared, because I feel like some one is following me.I don’t want to tell my mother and father, to worry them.
I’m sure not telling Morgan.She wouldn’t be able to go to sleep at night.

If this continues,I’ll have to tell the police,or try and have the phone company trace the number
Someone is watching me, and I can’t figure out, who, for what reason,such secrecy.

I have this friend Sandy, . I met her on the train platform about two months ago. When I was coming home from work one night.
Sandy was waiting for the same train I was. We started to chat, and she said that this was her first day at her new job.
Sandy, is tall, and slender, with sad green eyes. Long straight black hair,she wears it about three inches from her shoulders.
One week after we met, we were both waiting for the train. It was raining , and she just teared up.

“What’s a matter, Sandy?” She told me about her ex boyfriend abusing her.



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