Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

“Family Waves” Kristin’s Scheme (13)

I just got off the phone with Morgan, before it was even hung up.

Linda started   “I’m telling mom you lied to her,if you don’t tell me what is going on.”

“ O.K  ! ” . Kristin said,  “ If you want to ruin everything, I guess I’ll have to let you in on the secret.

“You always have your nose where it doesn’t belong.”

Linda answered ,  “Morgan knows your secret,and I’m your sister,so I should know also.

O.K. Linda, here it is, you better not tell mom, or I’ll never let you in on a secret again,promise?

Linda said , “promise! “  Kristin went on and told Linda about the Halloween party that they were having at Morgan’s house.

We are planning it for Halloween night, because we don’t go out for Halloween any more.

Instead of us giving candy out,we can have fun and have some of our friends over,for a little party

.I asked mom, if we can sleep-over at Morgan’s house that night,she said yes as long as Morgan’s parents are going to be home.

“I lied and said they will be.”

But the only people, will be home, is Morgan and her sister Joni.

Morgan has to talk her sister into letting her have a party,and not telling their parents about it.

Because they won’t let them have a party if their not home. Now this is our secret.

“Yes!” answered Linda, “ This is gonna be awesome,but can I ask one of my friends to the party?

“Linda  no ! “  “If you ask a friend to come to the party,then she’ll tell more friends about the party. This is suppose to be a fun and secret party.

Besides you know and like most of my friends, anyway.” .

“Next , party, I’m going to invite some of my friends .”  “ Alright !  “said Kristin.

A couple of day’s later, Morgan had the opportunity to ask her sister Joni, who is older than her, and her only sibling.

If she would let her and Kristin have some friends over for a little Halloween party.

Joni answered, “Lets wait until mom comes home from the market,then we”ll ask her. Because I’m supposed to keep an eye on you while mom and dad is away for two weeks.”

“ You  know mom won’t let us while their away,” said Kristin

”.I’ll think about Kristin, I  have things on my mind right now”.


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