Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

“Family Waves” The Big Question (12)

Marlo said , ”I’ll send a server over”. They both thanked her.

Before they sat down Hope said she better go to the ladies room.” Henry ask, “what do you want to drink in case the server came over.?”

Hope answered,” since it’s my birthday I’ll have a red wine.”

(Henry thought) Now I can get the ring ready to surprise her. Just as he started to take

the ring out of his inside pocket of his sport coat. Rose, one of the servers,came over ,

asked ,” what they wanted to drink,and if they wanted an appetizer? She placed the

menus on the table. Rose said ,”I don’t know why I bother to bring the menus,because you both usually already know what you want.”

Please,bring us both a glass of red wine,and the stuffed mushrooms.Just as Rose

started to leave Hope came back to the table,and said hello to Rose.

Henry looked at Hope,and said, ”you look very beautiful tonight.” You have that birthday glow.

.He lean over the table and gave her a big kiss .At that time Rose came back with the drinks and appetizer. She said ,”isn’t that just cute?”

Hope blushed! “That was the first time ,I ’ve ever seen her do that.(Henry thought)”Soo cute!”

Rose wanted to know if they were ready to order their meal. Hope and Henry said “,could you please come back in ten minutes?”

Rose said sure, I’ll leave you love birds alone for ten minutes.

Henry said , ”we better decide what we want to eat before Rose comes back.,(Hope agreed. )

You decide because it is your birthday” Henry said

“I’ll have a combination broil seafood platter ,with the works”, answered Hope..

“Wow!! “” That sounds great”said Henry.

I think I’ll order the same thing. “

.As they were finishing their appetizer, Rose came back and took their order.

(Henry thought) “ Now is the perfect time to ask Hope”.

So he said to Hope,” close your eyes, because I have a surprise for you.”

(She closed her eyes,)

Henry took the box out from his coat pocket. “He told her she better not be looking.”

She just laughed !

I’m not ,but you better hurry!

He turned his back and removed the ring, from the box.He turned back around with the ring in his hand.

Now open your eyes. ! Hope open her eyes.

Henry said, “ Hope will you marry me?”

Her eyes lite up, she was astonished. She had tears in her eyes,she couldn’t believe hit.

He finally proposed!

Hope was trying to compose herself.

They both stood up and she said , “Of Course I’ll Marry You”.

Then, Henry, put the ring on her.finger.

The ring glowed ,like the glow she had in her eyes.

They both embraced and the people in the Restaurant, started, applauding.

“They must of over heard the proposal.” Hope said laughing .

They both sat back down ,as Rose, served their food..

Before Rose left, she congratulated them both.

Gave both of them a hug, and scurried off.

While they were eating, he also told her the good news of his acceptance.
From the renowned hospital in California.

They both had quite a bit, to celebrate about.

Next they had planning to do. But that could wait till later.


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