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“Family Waves” (22)

(The Big Escape)

Henry and Hope told everyone that they were paying for the wedding. Henry said, “Everyone is having enough problems, the way the economy is.”
“When they both, started planning for the wedding, they tallied everything up. Hope said, “It looks like either have the wedding, or save the money for the big move.
“It doesn’t matter to me,” said Hope.
Henry said, “This isn’t fair for you or I.”
“Well, we either can cancel the wedding for right now,or we can elope tomorrow. Which is Halloween.” said hope. Henry answered, ‘If that is what you want to do.”
Hope said, ”Later when we get straighten out, we can have a church wedding .” “It isn’t fair to you !“ Henry said ,
”I’m perfectly fine with these plans,answered,Hope.”As long as we’ll be together as man and wife, then they kissed.”

They both made plans for the next morning,to get up early and drive to Elkton, Maryland. The marriage capital of the east coast.
The next morning Hope was humming as she put on her Sunday’s best. It was about 6:00a.m. She text Henry, ask him, if he was ready,for the big escape. Henry text back, maybe ten minutes later. He text: just got out of the shower, will pick you up around 7.

Around 7, Henry pull up in front of Hopes house,Hope got in the car. Henry said, “Good Morning. you look just adorable” and they kissed.
They both were in a cheerful mood. Ready to take that long ride to Maryland.
Hope said,”I can’t wait to see the look on every bodies face. When we tell them we eloped.” Henry just laughed,”it couldn’t get more exciting than this,” as they were driving out of town.

“Family Waves” (21)

(Aunt Doris)

Monday morning was busy at work,a couple of customers came in that I knew from the old place. They told me they moved away from this region,about five years ago.
The wife Marge, is from North Florida, her father died four years ago. Marge and her husband moved there to help Marge’s mother with her dad. Her mother has been sickly after he died, and they couldn’t take care of all her needs. So they had no choice but put her in a nursing home.
We’re here to take care of the loose ends of selling her house .

The rest of the week was fairly busy, it sure felt good to be working again after all this time.
I called mom on the phone, ask her if everything was okay. Mom said, ”she was okay, and ask me about my new job.” “I told her everything is good so far. It really feels good to have money in my pocket, and not just for bills.”

Have you heard from Aunt Doris?
Mom replied, ”she called me yesterday. The girls are both doing just fine! They are both going to spend Halloween night, over at Kristin’s, girlfriend house.
They both stayed before, Morgan’s parents are home at night, everything should be fine.”
Mom and I talked for awhile, we talked about most everything! She was happy when I told her Henry and Hope were getting married soon.
“Henry has a great job waiting for him in California. So they both are very happy.” Mom was happy for them both, she wished they could stay close by.” I told Mom you have to go where the jobs are.” ”Mom I’ll call you soon, Love You, and. take care of yourself.”

“Family Waves” (20)

(Good News)

Things were looking up for me.

When Henry ,came home from work Friday. He said ,”at dinner Sunday, Hope and I have an announcement to make
“.Charlie and I said can’t you tell us now? “
No!” he said, ”with a big smile on his face. I want Hope to be here. We both decided to announce the good news before dinner Sunday”. Henry’s father and I said “Come on Sunday” with a laugh.

Sunday came around fast. Before dinner ,Henry and Hope ,announced that they were going to get married next month. Because Henry had a job offer in a renowned hospital in California.
He accepted the job, and Mr. Whitto, who is in charge of Henry’s department said he would wait for us to get settled in our new place.
We are going to have a small wedding with just a few family members.
We plan to be married and settled in our own apartment by the first of the year.
Charlie and I congratulated them both, and we all sat down to eat, and continued to talk about the good news.
The wedding was planned for November tenth, just two weeks before Thanksgiving. After the wedding, they both planned on moving in with us, until they left for California. Which was okay with us both.

“Family Waves” (19)

(First day at new job)

Monday morning came by fast, about 9:30 a.m. I got in my car and drove to the diner.

The traffic wasn’t that bad. Which I was glad. No-one knows, when the traffic is going to back up. Many times, when there was an accident close-by. It took me almost forty-five minutes to get to work, at the diner. It wouldn’t be a good sign, if I was late for the first day.
After I parked, I walked inside the diner. Pat, was talking to a customer, who I didn’t know. She called her Terry and said “have a great day come back soon.”

Pat said, “Good Morning” to me, “Are you ready for me to show you around?”
“As ready as I’m going to be! “ I answered.
After she showed me where most things were located at.
Pat, lead me downstairs in the office to meet my new boss.

She knocked on the door, he said, “come in”. I introduce myself, and thanked him for hiring me.
He introduce himself, and said, “ I hope everything works out for you.”

Tom is 5’7”, thin with short black hair.
He looked like one of cooks that use to work here.
“Did you have a brother that worked here before”, I asked ? He said he does, Joe is the one that told me about this place, he knew I was looking to buy a bigger restaurant.
Him and his family is over Greece,staying with family, because our oldest sister is sickly.

Pat said, ”We better get you a work top, so you can go into the bathroom and change.”

“Then I’ll introduce you to the ladies that you will be working with”.

After I changed into my top, Pat, introduce me to Nellie.
Who was in her forties,bright red hair, done up in a bun, she was short and plump.
She has, be working for Tom for about fifteen years.
Next I was introduced to Nancy, who was Nellie’s niece. She was short and plump also like her aunt. But she had long brown hair also in a bun, maybe in her late thirties.
Nancy said, ”I’ve been working with Tom as long as Pat, about seven years.”Do you know who got me this job she chuckled ? My Aunt Nellie!!! “
The third lady on this shift was named Sis, she was tall and thin with dark blonde hair.
Sis, wore her hair, in a ponytail.
She was in her early twenties, she seemed, very friendly like the rest of the girls.

“Alright!” Pat said,” we better get ready for lunch. Who wants to help Jeanine with the lunch menu and prices?”
At the same time, “everyone said me!” Pat said, “lets make it Nellie,she laughed and said, I knew that was a dumb question “.

Lunch was busy and everything went find. After lunch I was asked to work on the floor in a section that Pat gave me by myself. When my shift was up, Pat and the girls said I did good. “Thanks, for helping, everybody, see you all tomorrow,” I answered.

The rest of the week went fine. A few of the customers I knew, when I worked in the restaurant before, were glad to see me back. I was glad to have my old job back
Things were looking up for me.

“Family Waves” (18)

(Job Hunting)

The next morning, I checked on the Internet to see if their were any new listings in the job section.

Nope! It looked like the same crap!

I  have an idea,I should check at the diner where I worked before.Who knows they might have a opening.The diner is about one mile from where I live,and if I got my job back it would be a lot closer than the cashier job,which was ten miles from here.

After lunch I got into my car to drive to the diner,to see if there was a opening.

When I arrived at the diner,I sat down at the counter and ordered a cup of coffee.The girls were changing shifts. I didn’t know any of the girls,even the cashier was new.The server asked me if I wanted anything else? ” No thanks” ” I don’t”, but I came here to see if their was an opening. About ten years ago I worked here.”

The server  said , “that I can ask the cashier,her name is Pat”. “Thanks a lot I replied!”

I walked over to Pat , ask her, “ If there was a opening for a server job?” She said, “I believe for day work. You can fill the application out and I’ll see that the owner gets it.” “Thanks!”  “By the way when I worked here before the owner was going to put the business up for sale and retire. I lost contact with them,with me being busy at my new job.
As I look around the diner more,I notice there are a lot of changes.”

Pat said ,”she has been working their for about two years,and she understands that Tom, the new owner has been here for about seven years.”I was told he had another business, he let go all the help that was here. Brought all his own employees from his other business.”

I filled the application out and gave it to Pat.“ “Someone would get in touch with me.”she said. So I finished drinking my coffee and went back home.

About three days later, on a Thursday afternoon. I got a call from Pat,she said,”there was an opening for,eleven to three in the afternoons….. Monday Thur Friday.”

If I wanted the job to come in around ten o’clock Monday morning .So I could get a uniform top, and  the girls could show me the menu with specials of the day. Also show me where everything is.

“Since you know the computer here, being you had excess.  When you worked here before, everything should be find.” said Pat. “I’m sorry” I didn’t even give you a chance to answer if you wanted the job.”

“That’s  alright!” I laughed. “ “My answer is…I’ll be there Monday morning  at  ten o’clock.” 
“That’ll be great, I’ll let my boss know, I have to make the new schedule up Saturday night .”That’s settled” By the way I forgot to tell you, we all wear black slacks and black work shoes.
“I have black slacks,but I have to go to the Mall and buy a pair of work shoes. Thanks for calling Pat, with good news,see you Monday.”

When Charlie came  home from work. I joyfully, told him, I got the job, at the diner.

“Family Waves” My Turn (17)

A couple of weeks passed Morgan asked, “Joni if it was o.k. to invite a few friends over for the the Halloween party.”

Joni said,  “  Alright ! “Just a few friends, “their better not be any  problems.”

“There won’t be any ,Morgan promised”. She couldn’t wait to call Kristin ,and tell her the good news.

After telling Kristin the good news,they both made all the arrangements for the party.

Invited some friends from school, the party was in place



Once, I got everything straighten out at home. I decided it’s time to find another job.

The job that I had before was in a department store,and I was employed as a cashier. The economy has been bad for a while.

So they had to let half of the employees go. Before I got a job their,which was about five years ago

I worked as a server,for about fifteen years.I took the job as a cashier in the department store. Because, I wanted to see if I would like something different to do.

At that time being a server was getting old,I thought change was good.

I liked the job at the department store while I was employed.Things changed and I was out of a job.

Better check the Internet and see if their are, any new listings.The newspaper has very little jobs listed, with no new listing. Nothing new on the Internet either, maybe better luck tomorrow.

Charlie just arrived home from work,he walked in the house and said “honey I got the mail”.”Thanks I said, ”supper should be ready in a half hour.

Charlie has been working for a utility company for a long time,it won’t be too long before he retires.That will be nice for him,but since he has worked all his life. It’s going to take him a long time to get adjusted, maybe he can start a hobby.

“Family Waves” Hope and her Co-Workers (16)

“Jonie!”  I’m sorry ,I bothered you with my personal life. I just wanted to tell somebody.. I have no family. The friends, I had, Jeff took care of that! “

“ I told Sandy, how I felt bad for her. We exchanged, cell-phone numbers.

I said,” Sandy, I don’t care what time it is, if I can help you in any way, just call.




Back home Henry and Hope were making their plans for the wedding, neither one of them wanted a big wedding.

Just a few family members, nothing big.They wanted to save money for the big move to California,where Henry accepted a job as a doctor. They were both very excited about this.

New surrounding and a new life for both of them.

Hope couldn’t wait until Monday came. To tell her co-workers her great news

The first thing she did,she didn’t even say “Good Morning” when she entered the building where she worked.

She went back to the station where all of her co-workers were sitting and chatting.

Like they did every Monday, chatting about the adventures they each had over the week-end.

Hope couldn’t wait for her turn. She explicitly held her hand up to everyone and her eyes just gleamed, like her sparkling diamond.

Most everyone was envious over her excitement. Hope told them all how astonished she was,when Henry proposed.

They were all happy for her,but when they found out,she was leaving soon after their wedding,in November of this year.

To settle in California with her new husband and new life.They all told her she will be missed, but life moves on.

“Family Waves” (15)

{Troubled Sandy}

She said, “she was tired of him. I left my old job to get away from him.

We both met, while we were going to night school.He was studying to get his BS degree, I was studying to polish up on my computer skills.”

“His name is Jeff, and he and I hit it off great,at first.He would come over to my apartment,we would study together.Then one thing lead to another.”

“Jeff moved in with me, about two months after we met. Everything went fine for a while.

Then he started questioning me about, where I was going.

How long I was going to be. Also asked me if I was seeing anyone.”

“When I told him it was none of his business, he struck me in the face.

I was totally shocked. He apologized later, and I thought it was just a once thing.

But boy was I wrong. ! Just a week later he did it again. I told him to get out, I’m done with him.

I didn’t ever want to see him again.

Jeff packed his belongings up.   Before he left, he told her, we aren’t finished yet.

He slam the door behind him…… Sandy  thought she was finished with him for good..

Jeff calls me at work, he calls me on my cell phone.He doesn’t care what time it is.

He is always calling me and accusing me of having a girlfriend or boyfriend. He is always calling and telling me he is watching me, so I better watch my back.

“I’m really scared, Joni ! “  “ I remember Jeff telling me he used to be a heavy drinker. He said he had to quit, because he was always picking a fight with someone.”

“When it was all over he was put in jail and heavily fined. I bet he is drinking again!!”

“Family Waves” (14)

(Met a New Friend)

Joni, went upstairs to her room to think. Joni didn’t tell anyone, but she has been getting crazy cell calls,where the caller doesn’t say anything.

Sometimes the caller,will just hang up,when she ask “who is this?”

This nonsense has been going on for about three weeks.

Joni has been feeling like someone is following her, where-ever she may go.

Joni is 23 years old,with shoulder length blond hair, big green eyes,slender with average height.Joni has a out going personality , all her friends, just love her.
Her problem is, her friends don’t live close to her.
She’ll catch the train in the city where she works,and meet up with them after work. Sometimes, they go to a local club,and chat and have a great time,or stop some where to eat,and just chat.

Her friends don’t like the idea of her catching the train to late, when she decides to go home
Once in a while one of her closest girlfriends Mary, will wait until she gets on the train. I’m losing my mind Joni tells Mary. I only get these calls when I’m alone.

It seems right after I get off the train, or I’m half way home.
I get scared, because I feel like some one is following me.I don’t want to tell my mother and father, to worry them.
I’m sure not telling Morgan.She wouldn’t be able to go to sleep at night.

If this continues,I’ll have to tell the police,or try and have the phone company trace the number
Someone is watching me, and I can’t figure out, who, for what reason,such secrecy.

I have this friend Sandy, . I met her on the train platform about two months ago. When I was coming home from work one night.
Sandy was waiting for the same train I was. We started to chat, and she said that this was her first day at her new job.
Sandy, is tall, and slender, with sad green eyes. Long straight black hair,she wears it about three inches from her shoulders.
One week after we met, we were both waiting for the train. It was raining , and she just teared up.

“What’s a matter, Sandy?” She told me about her ex boyfriend abusing her.


“Family Waves” Kristin’s Scheme (13)

I just got off the phone with Morgan, before it was even hung up.

Linda started   “I’m telling mom you lied to her,if you don’t tell me what is going on.”

“ O.K  ! ” . Kristin said,  “ If you want to ruin everything, I guess I’ll have to let you in on the secret.

“You always have your nose where it doesn’t belong.”

Linda answered ,  “Morgan knows your secret,and I’m your sister,so I should know also.

O.K. Linda, here it is, you better not tell mom, or I’ll never let you in on a secret again,promise?

Linda said , “promise! “  Kristin went on and told Linda about the Halloween party that they were having at Morgan’s house.

We are planning it for Halloween night, because we don’t go out for Halloween any more.

Instead of us giving candy out,we can have fun and have some of our friends over,for a little party

.I asked mom, if we can sleep-over at Morgan’s house that night,she said yes as long as Morgan’s parents are going to be home.

“I lied and said they will be.”

But the only people, will be home, is Morgan and her sister Joni.

Morgan has to talk her sister into letting her have a party,and not telling their parents about it.

Because they won’t let them have a party if their not home. Now this is our secret.

“Yes!” answered Linda, “ This is gonna be awesome,but can I ask one of my friends to the party?

“Linda  no ! “  “If you ask a friend to come to the party,then she’ll tell more friends about the party. This is suppose to be a fun and secret party.

Besides you know and like most of my friends, anyway.” .

“Next , party, I’m going to invite some of my friends .”  “ Alright !  “said Kristin.

A couple of day’s later, Morgan had the opportunity to ask her sister Joni, who is older than her, and her only sibling.

If she would let her and Kristin have some friends over for a little Halloween party.

Joni answered, “Lets wait until mom comes home from the market,then we”ll ask her. Because I’m supposed to keep an eye on you while mom and dad is away for two weeks.”

“ You  know mom won’t let us while their away,” said Kristin

”.I’ll think about Kristin, I  have things on my mind right now”.

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