Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

“Family Waves” Good News (11)

Henry was sending a lot of resumes out.

He liked where he worked.

But he thought it was time to move on to something better.

He received a lot of replies.

Henry, liked the offer in California, the best. The problem was, he had to move in the state.

He thought about Hope, and if she had a problem moving there..

(He thought) I want to ask Hope to marry me, now is the best time. We both can start a new life together there.

I’ll tell Hope about the good news,when I take her out to dinner for her birthday. I hope I can keep it to myself, because her birthday isn’t for two weeks.

I was going to ask her to marry me on her birthday anyway, now I can also tell her about my acceptance at the hospital in California.

Henry came home and told his father and I, about his acceptance at the hospital in California. We were both happy for him, but we didn’t like the idea of him moving so far
I asked, “Is Hope going with you?” Henry replied, “I’ll take care of that when the time comes.

Two weeks seemed so long getting here,I almost told Hope a couple of times,but caught myself.
I went to pickup Hope at her parents house.

After I picked Hope up, we went to our favorite restaurant .
To enjoy and share the good news.
Hope thinks it’s just for her birthday.

I hope she accepts, I never thought of that before ( Henry thought’s)

They finally arrived at their favorite restaurant, which is called “Marlo’s Friendly Family Restaurant”.

When they walked in, both could smell, the combination,of delicious food cooking. And the aroma, of someone baking a apple pie.

The owner Marlo, greeted them both personally, and ask them if they wanted to sit at their special table?

Marlo was just teasing, because Hope, didn’t know Henry, already made reservations.

“ Of course we do! Hope replied, what a crazy question ?”

All three of them laughed.


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