Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

“Family Waves” Soul Mates (10)

They both were laughing, as they were walking over to the table. Henry
introduced himself,and Hope introduced herself.
“She said that this was the first time,that she seen this place so busy,”
Henry agreed with her.
She also said,she didn’t usually have lunch with someone that she didn’t know. But you seemed so nice and considerate. Hope laughed and said” besides their wasn’t another seat in the house”.

Boy! Henry was glad! He thought,” maybe I wouldn’t have gotten a opportunity to meet her. She seems like a very nice person,and would like to have another lunch date with her.
Maybe he could get to know her better,he liked her a lot.
They finished eating, and chatting, both were ready to get back to work.

Henry stood up and ask Hope ,if he could have her cell phone number?
Also, if she wanted to have lunch together again.
They both shared their numbers,said goodbye. Hope was in heaven, she was very happy,and very lucky to meet Henry.

This was Hope’s lucky day!
When she went back to work,after lunch. Hope was telling her co-workers about the fellow that she met at lunch.
His name is Henry,and he is doing his internship here at U.P. What a handsome,and nice guy he is,and how they had such a fun time together.
She said she was so comfortable with him,that she feels like she has known him forever.
Hope was so much in the air,she forgot to tell them,he wanted to have lunch together again soon.
When she calm down she told them about the lunch date.

The next day, Hope bumped into Henry again at lunch, they were both glad to see each other.They both got their food and found a place to sit.
They chatted about many different things, music, things that they did,and things that they would like to do.Most of the things they talked about,they seem to both like.
They were having such a good time,that they forgot what time it was.
Hope said to Henry,”I better get back to work.I didn’t realize what time it was.” Henry got up from his chair,and said,”I have to get back to work also. How about us finishing this conversation over dinner with me Friday?” Hope said sure, and they both decided on a time,and she gave Henry her address.

That was four years ago. They both connected right away.
They,haven’t had a day go by, that they didn’t include each other.
You can say,they must have found their, soul mate.


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2 thoughts on ““Family Waves” Soul Mates (10)

  1. He seems quite sure, and she’s anything but demure!

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