Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

“Family Waves” ” Henry and Hope ” (9)

Henry is a med.student, he is 32yo, 5’9”,with dark brown hair,and brown eyes. He wears his hair short, but sometimes, he will shave his head,especially in the summer.He has a lot going for him, he will take it to the limit.

Henry has been doing his internship at University of Penn Hospital.
He absolutely loves his job.He enjoys helping people,and trying to make them feel comfortable,the best that he can,because the patients all have different ailments.

Hope is Henry’s girlfriend, she also works at U.P.H.

She is working in the dental department,for children.
She loves working with children, she says, “they are so funny sometimes, but at the same time they can be like little adults.”
Hope is 31yo, she is just a year younger than Henry.
She is 5’8” with long brown hair,she likes to wear her hair in a ponytail.
Henry and Hope met in the hospital, they were both working at the time.
A matter of fact,it was in the cafeteria,where they both got their lunch sometimes.
But neither one of they could find a place to sit.
Henry notice this young lady was having the same problem,because the cafeteria was so crowded.He started looking all around,and he seen a little table way in the back.
He thought,this is the right time to meet this beautiful young lady.
So he went over to her,she was still standing in the middle of the cafeteria looking for a seat.
Henry ask her if she wanted to join him ?
” There is a little table,way in the back. They are the only seats left in here.”
She hesitated for a moment…….she wasn’t used to someone being so considerated to her. But she thought “ I can’t seem to find a seat” anyway he is nice looking, why not”.
Then she answered ” yes! only because ,there are no other seats”.
Henry told her, “well we better get moving before someone else gets it first.”


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One thought on ““Family Waves” ” Henry and Hope ” (9)

  1. I’d like to meet young Hope!

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