Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

“Family Waves ” Kristin is up to No -Good ! (7)

When we open the front door,the phone was ringing.

Mom was on the phone she wanted to know if everything is alright.
I told her the girls and I went to the mall. I bought a new sweater,and the girls each brought a pair of earrings.
Mom said she is doing a lot of catching up with her sister. Her nieces seemed to be doing o.k.
“Kristin and Linda don’t like it,but they have been doing some of the chores around here. Mom said,I’ll call you later,or get back with me if you want to”.

Aunt Doris called after she seen her doctor.
The doctor told her in about three weeks she would have her cast taken off.
My aunt told the doctor that she couldn’t wait.
Her daughters couldn’t wait either, until their mother went back to work.
They had plans of their own.
Their Aunt Ruth, watches every step they make.
“It is very boring ,said Kristin,she won’t let us do anything.”
Linda agreed with her sister. “At least when mom is working, we can call our friends and chat.
We can plan our own day, and not have to worry about Aunt Ruth ,changing our plans.”

Mom said, “that Kristin looks like your Aunt Loretta, when she was sixteen.
Aunt Loretta is one of Mom’s sisters,(whom we never met).
She has long dark brown hair, she seems to change the style often.
Because every time I see her, different pictures, she is wearing a different style.
Linda,who is fourteen resembles her late dad, tall and slender with light brown hair.

Linda doesn’t know it yet, but her big sister, has devised a scheme.

Kristin had already text her girlfriend Morgan, told her about the plan she had in mind.
Kristin told Morgan, “that school will be starting back soon,and maybe we can plan ahead to have a Halloween party.”

Three weeks later my aunt had her cast removed.

Everyone was happy,Mom could finally go home, my aunt could go back to work,and both of the girls,had the watchdog off of them.


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