Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

“Family Waves” Fun at the mall (6)

Later, we all got off the bus and walked into the mall. There was a little girl about four years old, who had curly blonde hair. She was wearing a pretty pink and white dress, who was crying to her mom.They were both standing in front of Toys-R-Us.The little girl seemed to want something from inside the store.But her mother told her if she doesn’t stop crying. She would take her back home to take a nap.


Both of the girls dawdled pass the stores, Ashley  asked Chloe if she wanted to go into the jewelry outlet,and buy a pair of earrings?” Why not”? Chloe answered! I told them to meet in the center of the mall in an hour, then we’ll get something to eat.


I dilly-dally, looking in some stores. But I didn’t see anything to buy, that drew my attention.Wait a minute their is a pretty blue sweater on the rack here. Probably don’t have a  medium ,woo!hoo! Yes they do! Today must be my lucky day.Paid for the sweater and happily walked out the door.


I’m going to sit down on the bench here and just watch the people go by until the girls come back.They’ll find me I sure!


There are two young women standing next to the wishing well laughing,one said “I’m going to throw a coin in the water and make a wish”.Her friend looked at her and said”I know you aren’t going to tell me your wish”! “ You got that right”!   replied the other woman as she was laughing.


A middle age couple walked by holding hands,they looked like they were having a good time.A woman was walking with three little children,she seemed to be in a hurry,because she was hurrying the kids along. Telling them to come on we’re going to be late for the doctor’s appointment. I felt sorry for the three little kids,they were maybe,two,three and four years old. The way she was rushing them, I don’t think their little feet could go any faster.


Just after they passed,I saw the girls walking toward me. I asked if they brought anything? They couldn’t wait to show me before we got home.both showed me their new earrings.Beautiful “I said” Then of course I showed them my great buy.O.K. Show and tell is over,I smiled at them and said lets go and get something to eat.


On the way home on the bus,it wasn’t very crowded,like on the way to the mall.On the other side of the aisle there was a man sleeping,he looked like he just got done work.He still was wearing his uniform . Up further their  was a young girl talking on her cell phone. “We’re almost home girls”, I said, Good ! they both answered.


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