Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

“Family Waves” MOM and Aunt Doris (5)

The next day, Charlie and Henry showed up for dinner.

The girls were happy to see them both. Everything went great !

After dinner we all went in the living room and chatted for a long time.

Charlie stayed a little longer,but they each drove their own car over, because Henry had a date,with a girl from work.

Her name is Hope, she works at the hospital with Henry.They have been dating for about four years, they are both in love.

Aunt Doris called,she said that she is still, hopping, here,and there. But she is feeling a lot better.

She has to go back to her doctor and get a check-up.

Aunt Doris is 52yo, she has dark brown hair and brown eyes. She favors our grandfather.
Mom favors her mother,med brown hair with red hi lights and green eyes, she said she always hated her hi-lights. Because she hates red hair, it reminds her of the rag doll she had when she was little.

Aunt Doris and Mom always fought about, who the doll belonged to.

Grand mom would listen to the noise for a little bit, then if they didn’t stop, she would make them both sit in the corner, facing the wall for a hour

Mom is from a big family of 17 siblings. Mom said , when they were all growing up,they all got along.
But it seems after,they all grew up and married. They started there families, and didn’t have time to get together like they wanted.
Mom and Aunt Doris were the closest of all their siblings. They both try to keep in touch with each other when they can.

The girls, will be starting school soon. So I thought, it would be nice, to get out of the house, today. We can do something , that we all enjoy.

The sun is shining,it’s seems like, it’s going to be a pleasant day.

I’ll ask the girls if they want to take the bus to the mall .
I’m sure the mall is going to be filled with people shopping.
I can’t remember the last time I did this!
But I can envision all the people their,more the merrier.


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One thought on ““Family Waves” MOM and Aunt Doris (5)

  1. Grandmom set them straight!

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