Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

“Family Waves” Charlie and his SUV (4)

Charlie said, “Yes I know, maybe we will stop on Sunday.That’s the day after tomorrow, I don’t have to work.”
I answered “Henry is off this week-end. We all can sit down and talk while we’re eating. The girls will be happy to see you both.”

”My husband Charlie, is 5’7’’ slim, with black hair . He styles his hair in a DA.

You both can come over anytime you want,dinner will be ready at 5:00 p.m.If you remember,stop at the paper store and get me the Sunday’s newspaper.
I don’t think I’ve read the paper in three weeks. Maybe their will be a job in the paper,that I can check out.

Thanks,I’ll talk to you and Henry tomorrow.Love you both,Good night!!

I better go to the market and pick up some things that I need for dinner.
Better write a list for the things that I need. Because knowing me,I’ll grab some things that really aren’t necessary.

I yell for Ashley and Chloe,so we can go to the market,they were both upstairs watching t.v. Chloe and Ashley yell back “we’re coming”!

Charlie is really bore today, he is thinking about going outside and polishing his suv.
When Charlie first brought his suv, it was silver and just plain looking.
He decided, after he brought the vehicle he would design it to his liking.

Charlie is very good with designing different things.He has a very good artistic talent,he designed black stripes on both sides of the suv, doing it free hand. It really looks pretty awesome!

Charlie thought to himself. “Before I begin, I’m going to go and get my coffee first. So I can have more energy !

We all just arrived at the market, it was just starting to get dark. When we went inside, the market was fairly crowded. Like all the markets, it was cold. Stupid me, forgot to bring my sweater.

The girls started arguing about who is going to push the cart. I told them both to take turns, neither one of them were very happy. I got my list out, found most of the things that I needed for tomorrow’s dinner and then some. After I had all the items in the cart. We got in line so I could pay for all the things.

In the line ahead of us, was my next-door neighbor, Stella. When she seen me, she yelled “ Jeanine, where have you been? I see, your guys—- but, I haven’t seen you in a while.” I replied,” I’ve been staying at my mother’s house. Taking care of my two sisters, until my mother comes back home. She taking care of her sister, and her nieces,until my aunt get’s back on her feet.” “That’s nice of you,” said, Stella. “Give me a call, when you get time.” “O.K.” I said, see you later.



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